for more than two years, the state had to hold in chief of the Congo, Joseph Kabila, his country, and only then did he let the people of Congo by the end of December – finally – choose.

For the desire of candidates to the President, Emmanuel ramazani was the photographer Shadary, seemed to be the thing at its own voting on the 30. December is astonishingly clear. “I won,” he said, as his compatriots in the entire country even before the polling stations were. “Tonight, I’m going to be President of the Republic.”

Kabila’s candidate Emmanuel ramazani was the photographer Shadary

But as quickly and easily as the former Minister in Kabila’s Cabinet represented the old, is not it.

On Sunday, a week after the election, should be reported to the electoral Commission Ceni the winner. But instead, it was: This is going to take. It is only half of the results had arrived from all over the country. For the Opposition the occasion to renew their biggest fear was That Kabila’s choice Faithful to Shadarys favor want to manipulate.

The democratic Republic of the Congo is in these first days of the year at a historic crossroads: Succeed at in fact, for the first Time of the democratic change of power? Or is the result of a rejected or obviously tampered with and it all ends, in the worst case, in the Chaos?


While the election Commission thinks so even with the Count – in the Opposition: with a Fake – employed, have submitted four observer missions already in preliminary reports.

bishops ‘ conference reported that there is a clear winner

The most positive is the Mission of the southern Africa development community (SADC) ruled. Critical to the African Union and the much larger missions of the democratic people’s movement Symocel and the Catholic Bishop conference of Congo (Cenco).

Symocel said that delays in the election process by more than half an hour, had often been of non-functioning voting machines caused. In each of the sixth observed, polling station results were not hanging in front of the polling place, which is a requirement.

The Cenco-that is, the Catholic Church, had, according to its own information of 40,000 observers across the country, and was, until last Thursday, the results – hampered by the country – wide Internet lock-on the basis of the displayed lists.

Then the dignitaries stated: According to the collected results of individual polling stations there was a “clear” winner. A name however, the Cenco is not called.

the media and Western diplomats are now speculating that it was the probable winner of Martin Fayulu, a Industrial and declared Kabila’s critics. Because he was in protests, and election campaign appearances in the first row, and the police beat up, call him many Congolese awesome “soldier of the people”.

Martin Fayulu from the Alliance Lamuka (get Up)

Fayulu, lateral entry into the presidential race, he came in, after the two promising opposition candidates, Moise Katumbi, and Jean-Pierre Bemba, had been excluded. In addition to Fayulu also from a famous opposition family, becoming Felix Tshisekedi victory were trusted opportunities.

“What the people irritated are inconsistencies”

The electoral Commission was sensitive to the report of the bishops. The Cenco and its President, Marcel Utembi, violated laws and were preparing an uprising. Utembi said to the MIRROR: “We have delivered no results, only the election Commission can.” The preliminary report was based on “the Numbers who have read our observers”.

In a response letter to the Commission Utembi had explained, it is not aware of “called the name of the lucky winner”, and not, “if he belong to the government camp or the Opposition”. The accusation, zettle a revolt, played Utembi: “What are the people irritated are inconsistencies. What makes you rebel, would be to not publish a result that corresponds to the truth of the ballot.”

Clearly, Nicholas Cheeseman, Professor for democracy research at the University of Birmingham and author of the book “How to rig an election expresses”. So far, there is much to indicate that “despite a clear attempt to postpone the election, Kabila’s man didn’t win”. Now there is a “stalemate” in which the government is seeking a way out. “The pressure grows to explain Fayulu the winner. This does not happen, the impact could be for the unity of the country is devastating,” said Cheeseman of the MIRROR.

Almost no public notice in the counting centers

On Tuesday afternoon, reported Syomcel-observer disturbing: In 52 cases there were in the hundred visited the Central Counting “large” irregularities. The results from tens of thousands of elective offices are to be worn together. In addition, 92 percent of these Counting stations would not have depends on your results so far.

And then also the Team of opposition candidate Felix Tshisekedi declared to your man to the “probable winner”. With Kabila’s people is due to the transition in the conversation. Bishop Utembi said to the MIRROR, he hoped simply to “a result, by the end of the week.” Much longer the country and its people will endure the impasse.

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