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Since the regional elections in Andalusia, a ultra not also plays in Spain’s rights, which is to ignore. From the Stand, Vox took almost eleven percent of the vote, and with its twelve of the 109 members of the decision, who can in the future to reign in Seville.

After 36 years in Power, the socialists will have to change in the Opposition – replaced by a fragmented, but in the sum with the Ultras just superior rights. Although the center-left party PSOE since June, in Madrid, ruling Pedro Sánchez received the most votes. But it is far from the absolute majority.

Even for a coalition with the Left from Podemos and the Communists, or a Pact with the liberals of CE in Andalusia, it is not enough. And that both, the left protest party at the same time is excluded with the “citizens party”, the save socialist, almost. Because the liberal “citizens” of the Catalans, Albert Rivera have won the most seats and we want to make with the Conservatives of the popular party, and the weakened, but still as the number two head-to-head the regional government.

And to do this you need the ultra-right Vox.

How could, almost unnoticed, a right-wing Formation to ascend, precisely in the case of the Spaniards, who are likely to be deterred by almost four decades of dictatorship under General Francisco Franco of right-wing populism? After the death of the dictator in 1975, it was to provide heirs, first in the Alianza Popular of his Minister, Manuel Fraga, and then in the nineties, and his successor, José María Aznar succeeded by Franco-Supporters of a home with the Conservatives. Aznar led them under the name of Partido Popular, the “people’s party”, gentle in the political middle. At the time, the 18-year-old Santiago Abascal joined in his Basque home of the PP in the his father was active.

took over As Mariano Rajoy, the party accused him of Abascal “betrayal of Ideals”. At the end of 2013, the graduate sociologist, left the PP, where he had various roles, most recently as a data representative of the regional government in Madrid, good money earned. Prior to the European elections in 2014, he founded Vox. His comrades-in-arms, many landowners and small businessmen. The party who raised it as a Start-Up.

party founder Abascal stoked the fear of Domination

And so an analysis of the voters walk in Andalusia shows that Vox draws on the success, a large part of the Protest against the established parties. Similarly, how has this been achieved in the past four years, the Left-Podemos. However, unlike in France or Italy, the supporters of the extreme Right-wing does not move in Spain so much anger about social descent. It goes mainly to the confirmation of their national identity.

half of The Vox-voters gave as the motives for their decision to fear of migrants. Results of more than 20 percent has been achieved by Vox in the richest areas of the cities and in places with a high proportion of foreigners. On the Andalusian coasts, more than 52,000 people have offered in the past year, most of the refugee boats. Party leader, Santiago Abascal, fuelling the fear of foreign Infiltration, especially since the socialist government in Madrid in the summer, the European partners promised in migration issues to cooperate more closely. In the town of El Ejido, Vox was not the strongest force. The municipality owes its wealth to the Africans and South Americans, the extreme heat in the greenhouse of toil, from which all Europe is supplied with vegetables and fruits.

“We are not against legal Immigration,” says Vox CEO Abascal, but the influx must be regulated. To do this, he wants to make the Spanish borders closed, with “insurmountable fences” in the Spanish exclaves of Ceuta and Melilla in North Africa, for example. For a campaign video rode Santiago Abascal on barren fields, char accompanied by a male rider. “Andalusia, Spain” was the name of the hero of the musical Spot. “The Reconquista ( re-conquest, ed. )begins on Andalusian soil,” he tweeted. Aid for immigrants without a residence permit, he wants to delete.

Catalonia Referendum of the ultra-left-right inlet win

In his xenophobia is similar to Abascal other European extreme-Right like Marine Le Pen or Matteo Salvini. And also Steve Bannon, the former campaign chief of Donald Trump, is interested in the Spanish ultra-right and has publicly expressed his support. Financial aid did not get a Vox from the United States, although it is called from the party. You live by Crowdfunding and donations of small entrepreneurs. The Americans, however, Abascal and his people personalized advertising via WhatsApp have copied groups. Here, too, Bannon should have his experiences of the US election campaign introduced. Almost 400,000 voters, the party recruited a total of.

Steve Bannon

So many fascists can’t exist in Andalusia, even say Podemos politician. The rise of Vox is, therefore, the fight against independence movements in the Basque country and especially Catalonia owed. Since there had taken place in October of last year, contrary to the prohibition of the constitutional court of a Referendum on secession, was recorded by the ultra-right violent inflow. Because Vox, they claim, could defend the national unity of Spain.

a lot of Andalusians felt offended by the slogans of prominent Catalan separatists, who refuse to provide longer compensation payments to the southern Region with the highest unemployment rates. In order to make Spain “a to help”, is planning to Abascal, the competences of the regions to Madrid return. For such a reconstruction of the Spanish state, however, the Constitution should be changed. Therefore, Abascal 2019, for local-Regional and parliamentary elections and a new voice records, to the institutions of Hiking to the right.

the ultra-right

need in elections to the European Parliament in may, Santiago Abascal hopes on big inlet. The United European Ultra-right to win EU influence and so “sovereignty” of nation States from Brussels. “We do not want to get out of Europe or out of the Euro, but we are against a multi-national federalism,” he says. Even the Basque, from like to speak without the need for Complex what many would like to think secretly. He sets out from the clean-shaven young leaders from Madrid, Spain. The Abascal mocked as a “derechita cobarde”, the cowardly little Right. Smiling broadly, he violates the rules of political correctness that captivates its competitors.

REUTERS Spain’s head of government Sánchez As “el guapo”, the handsome, a hope has been

In the coming weeks, so the in front of the Vox-in-chief, should the people’s party, with the liberals in Andalusia on a coalition of a few, “then you can give us a call”. The people’s party seems to have no Problem with that, to be on the ultra-right to rely. But this has a price, Vox provides the conditions: The regional television stations to be closed, the estate tax abolished, the jurisdiction over the health care and education back to Madrid. And these are only a few points from the program of Vox, which is also directed against women and homosexuals.

The liberal-in-chief Albert Rivera could dwell on this devil’s Pact with the extreme Right-wing, the other conservative parties in Europe have so far avoided. And that would be the end of his ambitions to become the next Prime Minister of Spain.

Combined : In Andalusia, the extreme Right-wing of the Vox-party took in regional elections, almost eleven percent of the vote. Your program is not directed against foreigners and independence movements such as in Catalonia. In spite of the sometimes radical views Vox could determine soon about who the government takes over the regional. Because the liberal citizens ‘ party and the conservative people’s party, you need to get the socialists to replace.

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