Seen above is a scene from Korea’s crime action film The Roundup. It has become the first Korean movie to surpass 10 million admissions after the outbreak of the virus pandemic. Photo courtesy of ABO Entertainment

First Korean movie to reach the milestone amid virus pandemic

South Korea’s crime action movie The Roundup has attracted more than 10 million moviegoers as of June 11, less than a month after its release on May 18.

As of June 14, The Roundup still topped the list to increase the figure to 10.7 million, according to the Korea Film Council.

The Roundup, which was directed by Lee Sang-yong, has become the first movie to attract more than 10 million moviegoers here after the virus pandemic broke out in early 2020.

The latest Korean movie to reach the milestone was Parasite, which won a total of four awards at the Academy Awards in early 2020. It made a theatrical debut in 2019.

Of note is that The Roundup is a sequel to The Outlaws, which also drew an upside of 5 million admissions in 2017.

Its producers of Big Punch Entertainment and Hong Film were originally set to release The Roundup 2020 but delayed the schedule to this year because of the novel coronavirus.

The cinema stars Korean-American actor Ma Dong-seok, who is known as Don Lee in the United States, as well as Son Seok-koo. The former played in the 2021 US film Eternals.

The Roundup is a story about detectives trying to arrest a killer, who exploits Korean tourists in Southeast Asian regions.

“I hope that moviegoers would be pleased to see the movie. They suffered so much due to COVID-19,” Director Lee told a press conference last month.

ABO Entertainment, which distributes the movie, said that they had pre-sold its distribution rights to more than 130 countries across the world.