just a Few weeks before the Takeover of the presidency of the EU by Romania, the EU Commission confirms that the country has significant deficits in areas such as rule of law and the fight against corruption. He regretted that Romania’s reform process was Stalled and that even a return would be made, said Vice-President of the Commission Frans Timmermans to the submission of the management report. “It is very important that Romania takes up the fight against corruption immediately, and moreover, the independence of the judiciary is guaranteed.”

The Commission is critical of, among other things, “pressure on the independent judiciary in General, and in particular the National Directorate for the fight against corruption and other steps that run counter to the fight against corruption”. In addition, restrictions on the media and the entry into force of the revised judiciary criticized the law. The latter restrict the view of the critics, the freedom of action of the prosecutors in the South-East European country.

Concrete consequences of the report. For the Image of the country he is, however, devastating. As EU presidency country in Romania in the first half of 2019 actually an important mediating role in disagreements. The country joined the EU in 2007, will take over the function of Austria.

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