Suddenly, the Norwegian handball players had to tremble again. The Team sat in the team hotel in Herning already on the Couch, as Sweden had expanded its lead against the previously unbeaten Denmark on three goals. Would sound in this the Moment the final siren, Norway would be eliminated.

But it was not until the 24. Minute, and in the end won by Denmark. As a result, the Co had secured a host of the world Cup in first place in the group II of the main round, in the semi-final against France. Norway moved in, thanks to the support than a Second ahead of Sweden into the semi-finals. Hamburg trip home. There, the German Team (20.30 wait, live Ticker MIRROR ONLINE).

so Far, all of the Norwegian world Cup games were held in Denmark, and the least of all handball fans in Germany should have followed the previous performances of the current Vice-world champion completely. So, what is the Team actually?

the Star of The team

Sander Sagosen

Sander is the Symbol of an emerging handball nation, and even though he is only 23 years old, he belongs with more than 80 countries play to the most experienced pros in the squad is Sagosen.

The back room players gives the Team the clock since the Vice world championship in 2017, he initiates the attacks and continues the team-mates in the scene. Currently Sagosen is at 35 assists, the second-best value in the world Cup and there are still seven Assists, more than Germany’s best provider Fabian Wiede so far has delivered.

The Overview features Sagosen, makes him a strong player. An absolute Superstar he is because he’s a goal threat and almost each location, the degree of addiction (71 litters), whether of nine metres or One-against-one situations on the circle.

so Far, Sagosen 42 world Cup matches, as many as Uwe Gensheimer scored, with the Sagosen together in the club when Paris Saint-Germain plays. Gensheimer says about the semi-final opponents: “they are strong in one-on-One, play very, very quickly to the front.” So he may have meant Sagosen. But not only him.

Team instead of a single show

Sagosen may not be the head of this team, easily predictable the opponent is. “You come on over, the team spirit,” says national coach Christian Prokop prior to the duel, and Andreas Wolff adds: “The External real tricky.”

Magnus Jøndal

One of these Outside Magnus Jøndal (SG Flensburg-Handewitt), a total of ten Bundesliga players in the 16-squad. Jøndal has achieved at this world Cup, 46 hits (14 of them by seven meters) – in only 51 balls. This corresponds to an impressive success rate of 90 percent.

The Problem from the DHB’s point of view: has shown When Germany Keeper Wolff at this world Cup, weaknesses, then throws from the outside. So far, the number one German has been able to fend off only every fifth throw of these positions, of all of the set semi-final of the keepers he has in this category to the weakest value. Wolff against Jøndal – it could be a key duel in the evening.

the captain of the team, the now-36-year-old Bjarte Myrhol, who has just played nine years in the Bundesliga for Nordhorn and Rhein-Neckar Löwen. An experienced circle runner, which is also symbolic for another strength of the Norwegians.

Fast, fast, Norway

Bjarte Myrhol

The Team is also not so difficult to calculate, because it raises his game exclusively through Sagosen. Norway tends to play pretty fast to the front, so far, the Team comes to a total of 66 goals after switching situations. The are only six goals less than Germany and Denmark together by counter-scored (36 hits). Myrhol is with eleven goals in twelve attempts, the most successful counter-shooter of his team. Simple ball losses can be against Norwegians of the game.

What speaks for the German team? The world Cup has shown that the DHB selection prepared to your opponents and their Strengths to a Standstill. France throw the huge back room was came in the preliminary round, only rarely to train against the strong German defenses with Patrick Wiencek and Hendrik Pekeler. Also in Croatia, the Superstar Domagoj Duvnjak remained in the main round duel rather harmless.

the national coach Prokop and his Team to get a new hard test, because Norway does not have the a strength, but several. Wolff said quite fittingly: “It is a difficult game, anything can happen. It is a world Cup semi-final.”

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