Shown above is the concept of the second complex of “The Sharp, The Ocean City” in Gunsan, around 200 kilometers southwest of Seoul. People can apply to purchase the apartments of POSCO Engineering and Construction (E&C). Photo courtesy of POSCO E&C

POSCO E&C launches online model house for 2nd complex

POSCO Engineering and Construction (E&C) launched on Feb. 9 an online model house of its second apartment complex of “The Sharp, The Ocean City,” located in Gunsan, some 200 kilometers southwest of Seoul.

“The Sharp, The Ocean City” consists of six buildings with two underground floors and up to 29 above-ground floors.

There are 771 apartments between 84 square meters and 154 square meters. More than three-quarters of them are 84 square meters.

The apartment complex braces for AiQ TECH, the country’s first smart home technology based on Internet-of-things (IoT) platform. It is a self-learning technology with emotional intelligence to serve customers.

Thanks to the new-format solution, residents of the POSCO apartment will be able to use voice commands and mobile messengers to control lighting, heating, and ventilation.

The system also allows real-time monitoring of closed-circuit TVs within the apartment complex through smartphone applications.

Another advantage of the apartment is its location, according to POSCO E&C, which successfully sold the first complex of “The Sharp, The Ocean City” in 2019.

The second complex sits near a discount chain, a kindergarten, an elementary school, and a library. It is also situated within 10 minutes’ ride from the city hall, a cross-country bus terminal, a stadium, and a hospital.

Application to purchase the apartments will start on Feb. 22 to continue through Feb. 24. The list of successful applicants will be announced on March 3, and contracts will be signed between March 15 and 19.