The Federal government has agreed on the final Details of the controversial draft law on immigration of skilled workers. The Cabinet can adopt the draft as planned this Wednesday. Details of the draft law, announced in the coalition on Wednesday after the Cabinet meeting.

Some Union politicians in the hope, however, in some cases, on subsequent changes in the parliamentary procedure. Controversial it was not until recently, among other things, how much time to get skilled labour, lack of qualifications of catching up to do.

The Union wanted to prevent that the new “employment Duldung” is for rejected asylum seekers to a shortcut on the path to a permanent establishment. Inner politicians of the CDU and the CSU had insisted until the last that is Tolerated, the mask aware of their identity, should be excluded from this kind of acquiescence.

business associations put the government under pressure

The economy of the facilitation craves the influx of workers. A few days ago, the Federal government warned in a joint Letter ahead of a tightening of the rules.

Because of the German economy lack of qualified work force, particularly in the SME sector. According to a study by the promotional Bank KfW, two-thirds of all medium-sized companies want to recruit in the next three years, experts. Of these, 65 percent fear that the Authorities may only be to a lesser extent, delayed, or not at all occupied. The KfW feared a skilled ceiling defect, if from 2025 the Baby-boomers retire. Germany need in the coming years, a lot more skilled immigrants than ever before, said KfW chief economist Jörg Zeuner.


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