The SPD leader Andrea Nahles has held against further criticism of the Grand coalition of the party of the youth. The party had decided after a long debate, ultimately, for a re-Alliance with the Union, she said at the national Convention of the Jusos in Düsseldorf. You have the impression that “this decision does not really” accepted. “I can’t live with,” said Nahles.

In the case of any conflict between the Union and the SPD, the demand to come from the Jusos “get Out of the ‘Grand coalition'”, criticized the party Chairman. So, the debate could not be conducted, but, in this way, the SPD could not persuade the citizens.

“fear is not a good guide”

Nahles also criticized that the Jusos, the problems are often simple to the party leadership delegates. “This works out as we would be with ourselves,” she said in front of about 300 delegates. You stand up for dispute in the debates, but not for a “in the direction of dispute that leads to division”.

“I know the party is in a difficult state,” said Nahles. “Every week it hits you in the stomach”, when the new poor survey published values. In such a situation, fear was not a good guide.

Kevin Kühnert criticized “announcement culture”

Under the strong applause of his organization showed Juso-chief Kevin back Kühnert criticism. The Junior challenge is by no means reflexively again and again for the Grand coalition. But after every new scandal, there is in the Grand coalition, get back from the party tip: “this can’t go on” and “that was The last Time”. At some point could no longer be threatened.

“Who is always only notice the champion of the world and tries to put the coalition partners under pressure, but never the consequence, from which it draws, eventually ends up as a bedside rug,” warned Kühnert. The patience of the threads of the Jusos were very excited. “And eventually you snap.”

Kühnert had claimed at the start of the three-day Federal Congress of the SPD-Junior-as a key voice in the crisis-ridden party, and in Europe. The young socialists would have to take to their Beliefs also necessary conflicts, said the 29-Year-old, regarded as opponents of the Grand coalition.

SPD Deputy Manuela Schwesig Nahles had been before her speech in Düsseldorf for a lump-sum criticism from the ranks of the social Democrats. “Of course, also a lot of pent up, not in the party, otherwise we would be in the situation we are in,” said Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Minister President of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. “But to dump everything at Nahles, I think, with respect, that’s not fair. Because it is all too easy.” Schwesig referred to the Trouble in some country associations on the establishment of the European list by the party leadership.

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