Not a bouquet of flowers, but a few warm words for the wind, out of Berlin torn Hessian top candidate Thorsten Schäfer-Gümbel. While at the same time, three kilometers away in the Konrad-Adenauer-Haus Angela Merkel, the waiver of the CDU-waiver declared and a new era commences, it says SPD leader Andrea Nahles: “A staff reorganization is to speech.”

It is their second state election as party Chairman – and bitter it could hardly come: all the goals, missed twice from the Green about to be lapped. In Bavaria, to 9.7 percent crashed (-10,9) and now in the state of Hesse, the former master of the country, at 19.8 percent (-10,9). Constant, the SPD is currently only with a view to their own losses.

It’s bubbling. Jusos-chief Kevin Kühnert takes refuge in sarcasm. Well, that time was conversion. “Now it is not 5 before 12, but first again 5 before 11,” he says. The internal choice analysis is devastating. “The SPD is losing (…) second, voters vote on all political competitors, especially on the Green (-104.000), and to a lesser extent, the AfD (-38.000), the Left (-25.000), the CDU (-24.000), and to the liberals (-21.000)”, – stated in it.

Schäfer-Gümbel says – in addition to Nahles standing in the Willy-Brandt-Haus, there is a “Credibility and confidence crisis”. “For what the German social-democratic party stand for?”, he asks. He had a full set on the topic of more affordable housing – and here’s the best competence values, he says. However, towards the chagrin the Grand coalition in Berlin, he was simply powerless.

Andrea Nahles sets Union deadline of December +++ Ticker +++ the Hesse-choice, the SPD wants to save Grand coalition with Three-point Plan DPA

Nahles is trying to a strike a blow for freedom by the Union is now a clear deadline to December, “in order to solve their content and personnel conflicts.” Especially the interior Minister and CSU leader Horst Seehofer sees you as a troublemaker. But now, if at the beginning of December, the conservative Friedrich Merz was elected to the new CDU-chief and, thus, Merkel would have your opponent on the party tip, it would be in your chancellorship at the end – and all Attempts to restart waste.

Then there is a Tabula rasa threatens. Nahles know in these difficult days, what it means to lead a party for 18 years – such as Angela Merkel of the CDU: “This is an extraordinary performance.” Similar only Willy Brandt, who managed 23 years, in the case of the SPD in the Federal Republic of Germany, by the way.

At Nahles, there are just six months. The turbulence in the CDU to make the situation even unwägbarer. Nahles says on the question of whether the 45-member Board, someone called for the immediate withdrawal from the coalition: “no.” You will submit on Monday a list of demands, what will become of us all by 2019, implemented a binding – from the family-strengthening the law to help children from families with low income, and a basic pension on the Hartz IV level up to the “care staff, strengthening law”. But really, new things, real scoop, not the paper – the discussion is the basis for the Executive Board meeting on 4/5. November.

“no one today has identified the stone of the Wise”

There are also a lot of clueless indent-poetry is criticized. In addition, you want to work on new projects such as that under the Heading “the welfare state in 2025 – What comes after Hartz IV?”. “No one today has identified the philosopher’s stone,” said Nahles to the search for awakening topics. Union and SPD want to show the Profile more clear edge. The Dilemma: You want peace, but it is still more dispute could arise. Nahles and Vice Chancellor Olaf Scholz, the SPD Board of management, so far, largely on their side – at the base it looks different.

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