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read On Friday, the regional court of Berlin negotiated the injunction by Hubertus Knabe against his position as the Director of the Stasi victim-hohenschönhausen memorial. No matter how the procedure goes Back he himself could not in victory, for the time being. After the Board of Trustees has him dismissed before a week and a half as chief Executive with immediate effect, he would have to sue the other hand, in a new method.

else Knabes return seems not to be desired – not only by the Board of Trustees, which is led by cultural Senator Klaus Lederer (Left), while according to the law, but also a representative of the state Minister for Culture Monika Grütters (CDU) and Vice-President of the Landtag of Brandenburg, Dieter Dombrowski (CDU), sitting.

numerous employees of the Stasi victim-hohenschönhausen memorial can’t imagine to work again boy. 41 employees, eyewitnesses, and historians have been behind the action of the Foundation Board, the boy on the 25. September terminated and had been granted a leave of absence. One and a half weeks, boy was called to his final.

he is not accused of being against sexual harassment by his Deputy intervened and to have this through their leadership style, even promoted. In the joint opinion of the 41-free employees, it is now about the dismissal: “We believe this step is in view of the facts is necessary.”

On Wednesday, the Board of Trustees meets again. And now the final report by Marianne Birthler. The former Federal Commissioner for the Stasi documents had been used to Knabes termination and leave of absence as a person of trust. According to the report, Birthler has, since the beginning of October, “a total of 27 interviews with 36 – for the most part of employees – employees”, everything is confidential. The contents are listed in your report only anonymized.

And of course it went to Hubertus Knabe. Very few of the discussions, the work had been referred to relation to him as easily, some of the staff would have highlighted his merits and as examples of the high numbers of visitors, his partisanship for the victim and the reputation of the memorial.

“I’d like to add a splash of color”

However, according to Birthlers representation that sees the majority of employees are quite different. “Mostly, but massive criticism of the leadership style of the management, in particular, the Director was named.” Off-the-record sexual harassment had been for years a subject. New young fellow had been long warned of the Knabes Deputy Director.

complain to The staff, however, would have had no courage. “When the staff Council was informed about a case of sexual harassment, he was asked at the same time, therefore, to make no use of it”, – stated in Birthlers report. Also the boy himself is accused of sexism: A staff member he is supposed to have prior to the visit of a member of Parliament said: “I would like to add a splash of color.”

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