In the state of crisis in Venezuela, President Nicolás Maduro is advised by the new sanctions of the USA under further pressure. With the Oil sector, the main source of income of the country is affected. And this Maduro wants to fight now – with measures against the sanctions.

Venezuela will defend its claim to Citgo, the US subsidiary of the state oil Company PDVSA, announced Maduro. He wanted to initiate legal proceedings before U.S. and international courts.

Previously announced by US Secretary of the Treasury Steven Mnuchin sanctions against PDVSA. Oil from Venezuela should continue to be purchased, the payments need to be made to blocked accounts. Also Citgo is not intended to continue working as long as incoming payments to the United States, is not recognized socialist government.

Citgo refinery in Texas

Maduro said, the United States wanted to Rob the Citgo from the Venezuelans “to”. “This is an illegal way.” The sanctions should stay, according to the United States in force until a transition government or a democratically elected government in the South American country is in the office.

In Venezuela, a power raging battle between the government and the Opposition. The of the United States and other Nations supported the Parliament-in-chief Juan Guaidó has declared himself interim President, and wants to urge the head of state, Maduro from office.

With the new sanctions, wants to turn Washington on the one hand, Maduro has the money faucet and on the other hand, Guaidó access to the Oil revenues. “From this Moment on, we take over the assets of our Republic abroad,” said Guaidó.

Bolton-note: 5000 soldiers to Colombia

Meanwhile, went on to be the national security Advisor of US President, Donald Trump, John Bolton, in an unusual way, speculation about a possible military intervention by the USA in Venezuela. On the sidelines of a press conference in the White house, Bolton showed up with a Notepad that he held so that the hand-written notes on the participants – and a photographer – were well read.

John Bolton

Only two short lines were scrawled in the large Block. In the first line, a short note on the recent talks with the Taliban in Afghanistan. And in the second: “5000 soldiers to Colombia”.

the notebook of John Bolton

At the press conference, not from castle Bolton is a Intervention of the U.S. army in Venezuela. President Donald Trump is keeping open “all the options”.

there was speculation of whether Bolton’s is almost in the cameras held note in an unconventional way, to make such military use in view or threaten, at least, clearer than it has been. The Ministry of defence would not comment on the request and referred to the White house. From there, it was with a view to the Bolton-note: “As the President has said All options are on the table.”


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