Konstantin March know what it means to fight for his dream. Since his Federal voluntary year in the emergency medical service, he knows that he wants to be a doctor. To be able to work with patients to help them: has impressed in March, he wanted to also.

But his dream is a number in the way: the GPA. March had a higher education entrance qualification with 2.1 filed, and was thus far removed from the required Numerus clausus (NC) – for the study of medicine in the lower One.

Nevertheless, in March, applied diligently on the Foundation high school start, but I only received Rejections. Then he left once the paramedics to train and hoped that he could get with waiting semesters of study. March applied to the one and a half years of training time again. But again, he had no Chance.

New selection procedure from 2020

at the beginning of December had been agreed by the Minister of science, and the kultusministerkonferenz (KMK) to the fact that not only the Abi Best a Chance to a medical study should have a place. A new additional suitability ratio should be independent of the GPA shall apply. Ten percent of the seats to the March will go from 2020 to candidates, which are characterized, for example, through vocational experience, as Konstantin.

in Addition, be obliged universities to take into account in addition to the GPA criteria , such as Tests or selection interviews. 60 percent of medical student places should be awarded. The Federal constitutional court had decided in December 2017, that the previous admission procedure is unconstitutional in part, and re-must be regulated.

A College that your student does not select for over 30 years on the NC, is the private University of Witten/Herdecke (UWH). Studying here costs 50,000 euros. At the UWH also Constantine in March, it was taken two years ago, because here is the Abi decides not to cut, whether someone is suitable for the study of medicine, but only a Cut in the application process.

1200 applications, the UWH awarded so far, 42 courses per Semester, starting in 2019, it will be twice as many. The admission process is multi-stage. The candidate must demonstrate a six-month nursing internship, certificates and a motivation letter to submit, and to take in four Essays on equality, such as: “there may be a right, perhaps even an obligation to lie?” “What does it mean for you to have good communication?”

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Who in the next round, the last of the 270 candidates must attend a selection day. There are individual discussions about your own path in life. Each applicant must hold a short presentation on a topic of their own choice. There are so-called Multiple-Mini Interview stations with actors that simulate diseases, and with which the applicants medical history of calls. And there are again question rounds with ethical questions such as: “Should parents buy their children a nose job?”

The UWH do not need to invest as a private University in the procurement system of the country. Therefore, it is the University’s possible to go the other way in the selection process. “We have our choice of accommodation again and again explored, adapted and changed,” says Marzellus Hofmann, Vice Dean for teaching at the faculty of health. Here are the personality count. “The intellectual prerequisites for the study of medicine, but in terms of personnel and inter-personnel skills are essential prerequisites of a successful medical practice.”

however, It is useful to illuminate this, because you have to ask yourself, what makes a good doctor. “Good Doctors are empathic with their patients and their autonomy respected.” Thus, the UWH’ve had a good experience. The drop-out rate was one to three per cent, and the graduates were more likely than General and family physicians than graduates of other universities.

“We want to see the candidates in person”

Also at the Medical school Hannover (MHH) will not be selected, 60 percent of all students regardless of their GPA, but at least also personal requirements, the commitment and the interests of the applicant, to take account of here. By the GPA and the Ortspräferenz is made by hochschulstart.de a pre-selection, who is interested with a cut to 1.4 (as of 2018) will then be invited.

“We want to see the candidates in person. Medicine is a talking profession. The conversation with the patient is the focus of the medical efforts. Applicants must bring language skills, empathy, and social skills,” says Ingo Just, Dean of students at the MHH. Of the 450 invited applicants, 150 will be taken at the University.

Mike Brüggemann is one of them. The 20-Year-old has applied an average of 1.4 and, among other things, in Bochum, Münster, Cologne, Düsseldorf and Essen. Everywhere he was rejected. “I then did a nursing internship at a hospital and then as a temp there.”

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Then he tried it in Hannover, and was able to convince the selection interview. Brüggemann, plays soccer, trains for children and caregivers is on Skiing. His Abi he has taken on a vocational College, and he had to find biology and Sport in the performance price – points, he was able to attach the conversation: “I it is fair if you get to know the people first.”

Brüggemann has started his studies in October and says that his fellow students would not talk about it, who came about the selection interview and who took over the NC. This is not reflected in the benefits to the University. So it looks Konstantin March from Witten-Herdecke.

empathy for patients is important

“Purely based technically I’m good to very good on the road,” says March, “I don’t need to be beaten to Learn, because everything is very practical and clear.” Every week there is a new case, such as a osteoarthritis of the knee. Instead of an Examination, an important exam in medical school, there are at the UWH tests, which replace the examination. The distribute the pressure.

From the first Semester, the aspiring doctors are in contact with patients. Empathy is very important. “The doctor should provide the patient with compassion, listen to him, time for him to take,” says March. On his interview day, the actress sat down opposite him. You played a weak patient with a high temperature.

“The conversation was on how to estimate the patient’s value, and asks how he is family-embedded, taking his Fears and Worries come true,” says March. He was very nervous. It was finally the day that his dream was to be decided.

The woman had glandular fever. And March has done it.

Sam Yoon has many years of experiences in journalism. He has covered such areas as information technology, science, sports and politics. Yoon can be reached at 82-2-6956-6698.