The United States want to require prior to your announced troop withdrawal from Syria of Turkey’s guarantees for the fighting in Syria the Kurds. A spokesman for the National security Council (NSC) in Washington, confirmed on Sunday reports in the media, according to security consultant John Bolton have given before his Meeting with Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Jerusalem is known.

The U.S. government is concerned about what is happening with their Kurdish allies in the fight against the terrorist militia “Islamic state” (IS), Turkey should contribute more in Syria. Here it is all about the forces of the Kurdish militia, YPG, which views Turkey as a branch of the outlawed Kurdish workers ‘ party PKK and thus a terrorist organization.

“We do not think that the Turks military operations, companies should not fully aligned with the United States and the United States have not agreed,” said Bolton. US President, Donald Trump asking for a corresponding commitment from his Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdogan. “There are goals we want to achieve, the affect of the withdrawal from Syria,” said Bolton.


The Turkey was shortly before the announcement of the US want to trigger troops mount an Offensive against the Kurdish YPG militia in Northern Syria. The YPG controlled areas at the Turkish border. US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo said at the end of the week, they wanted to ensure that “the Turks respect the Kurds to slaughter”. Pompeo wants to compete on Tuesday a journey through eight Arab countries in the Middle East.

the speaker of The Turkish President Ibrahim Kalin said on Boltons and Pompeos comments on Sunday, according to the state Anadolu news Agency, a terrorist group such as the YPG is said to be an Ally of the United States. With the fight against the PKK and its Syrian branches of the Turkey to pursue the goal, the other Kurds, “to liberate from the tyranny and oppression of this terrorist group”.

The deduction of the 2000 U.S. soldiers could now go significantly slower, as Trump had this made before Christmas. “Schedules resulting from the fulfilment of conditions, and the creation of circumstances that we want to see,” said Bolton. He has also suggested that the US presence in the South of Syria could no longer be obtained, as the presence in the North in the civil war country.

Turkey should have asked for help

The Turkey should be supported in the view of U.S. officials, significantly from the United States, the main responsibility in the fight against the IS in Syria. The “Wall Street Journal” reported at the weekend, citing in particular referred to high government sources, Turkey asked for help for air strikes, transports and logistics. “The Turkish requests are so extensive, that, if fully met, the U.S. military would deepen its involvement in Syria, instead of reducing it,” it says.

Trump had arranged before Christmas, the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Syria. Via Twitter, Trump said that Erdogan assured that Turkey could wipe out the Remnants of the IS in Syria””. In the “Wall Street Journal”report, the U.S. Department of defense to be skeptical about whether Turkey can be a substitute for the role of the United States appropriate.

Bolton is expected on Tuesday in Turkey. He is accompanied by U.S. chief of staff General Joseph Dunford and the Syria envoy James Jeffrey. Bolton’s spokesman, there are also talks with defense Minister Hulusi Akar and chief of the intelligence service, Hakan Fidan.

early Sunday morning tweeted Bolton a warning to the address of the Syrian government, the talks on the U.S.-deduction not to be understood as an invitation for the re-use of chemical weapons: “On every use, it will give a quick, strong response.”

Before the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Syria, a Meeting between Turkish President Erdogan and Kremlin boss Vladimir Putin. The reported Turkish and Russian media on Sunday. The state-owned Turkish Anadolu Agency, the Meeting is to be held in January. Turkey is supporting in Syria, opposition rebels, and Russia, together with Iran, the government of leader Bashar al-Assad.


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