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The sports year 2019 begins with the Handball world championship. 10. to 27. January play 24 teams to the title, the current Champion of France. Germany, as hosts, and will host the tournament along with Denmark, for the first time in the 81-year-old world Cup history, two countries carry out the tournament. Only the world champion qualifies directly for the Olympic summer games 2020 games in Japan.

The German Handball Federation (DHB) hopes that the enthusiasm for his sport. The conditions for this are given, 2019 not a big football tournament is organised, also in Olympia rests – volleyball is in the spotlight. In addition, the German games will be broadcast on public television ARD and ZDF. The tournament begins with the opening game between Germany and Korea on Thursday (18.15 clock, live Ticker SPIEGEL ONLINE, TV: ZDF).

How Germany’s world Cup chances?

the enthusiasm but, from the tournament of the German team. Reminder: The last German world Cup victory in 2007 (at the time, also a home world Cup) watched more than 16 million TV viewers in Germany, the final – even in the German TV landscape dominant football must stretch for these Figures.

Of a renewed world Cup Triumph after two ninth places at the last two big hardly anyone tournaments. It is not excluded, the home the effect has made in the sports history as a Surprise, but for the title, several players would have to grow beyond itself. A drawback is the lack of top match makers in the back room, a chief strategist, leading the Team through difficult phases of draws.

another Problem is that Germany has caught the more difficult tournament half and would meet in the main round on Spain and Croatia. It is expected that France, as one of the top favorites in the field – survives the main round as the first, would have to let the DHB-selection of Spain and Croatia to reach the second team in the semi-finals. More to the mode, read more below.

The Topkraft in the German Team is the Defensive, she was already decisive for the European championship 2016. Also outstanding Uwe gensheimer, probably the best left winger in the world – and the only German player who is in a foreign country (Paris Saint-Germain), under contract and currently in a serious run for the title in the Champions League play. The German League no longer enjoys the reputation of the international tope Lite a few years ago. Exciting is how the tournament for Paul Drux of the foxes Berlin. The 23-Year-old is a highly talented backcourt players, was hurt in the past but again and again. Toptorjäger Julius Kühn is missing due to a cruciate ligament tear.

This is the DHB squad

Andreas Wolff, goalkeeper, THW Kiel (games: 72 / international goals: 9) *Stand by 13. December 2018

Silvio Heinevetter goalkeeper, Füchse Berlin (international matches: 178 / international goals: 2)

Uwe Gensheimer, left, and Paris St.-Germain (national games: 158 / international goals: 733)

Matthias Musche, left, SC Magdeburg (games: 29 / international goals: 51)

Finn Lemke, the rear room on the left, MT Melsungen (international matches: 66 / international goals: 24)

Fabian Böhm, rear left, TSV Hannover-Burgdorf (games: 13 / international goals: 18)

Steffen Fäth, rear left, Rhein-Neckar Löwen (national games: 65 / international goals: 137)

Paul Drux, rear space center, Füchse Berlin (international matches: 64 / international goals: 125)

Martin Strobel, rear space center, HBW Balingen-because Stetten (games: 138 / international goals: 156)

Fabian Wiede, rear room to the right, Füchse Berlin (games: 63 / international goals: 119)

Steffen Weinhold, right, THW Kiel (national games: 112 / international goals: 280)

Franz Semper, rear room to the right, SC DHfK Leipzig (games: 3 / game goals: 9)

Patrick Groetzki, right wing, Rhein-Neckar Löwen (games: 131 / international goals: 350)

Patrick Wiencek, circle runner, THW Kiel (games: 121 / international goals: 274)

Hendrik Pekeler, circle runner, THW Kiel (games: 82 / international goals: 129)

Jannik Kohlbacher, circle runner, Rhein-Neckar Löwen (international matches: 48 / international goals: 92)

What is a coach Christian Prokop?

The national coach has made a more meaningful squad-nomination as in the case of the EM in the previous year. The world Cup for Tobias Reichmann surprised though. His Non-nomination room for an additional backcourt player, but just to be clear: Prokop want another Option for a strong Defensive, he had weakened a year ago, but more on that later. Should be after the preliminary round needed on the right wing, where Patrick Groetzki is now the only player who could Reichmann be added to a team.

remember: Prior to the disappointing European championship (in the main round) threw Prokop defense chief Finn Lemke surprisingly out of the squad, destroyed the strong defense, the team structure and caused unrest. In the aftermath of his Job is in danger came, many called for the replacement of Prokop. The DHB noted, despite votes against the Bureau. Also, because of the 39-Year-old had, after the failure of EM to be very self-critical.

In the EM, Prokop had to quickly switch to this preset had overwhelmed the crew. “I had presented to me was much nicer and modern football than we have played,” said Prokop of the MIRROR (read the Interview at SPIEGEL +). Now the 40-Year-old must show that he has developed a matching game philosophy for the national team. The test game impressions suggest that Germany will concentrate on a strong Defensive to Lemke and Hendrik Pekeler. Prokop and his selection to reach the semi-finals, it would have been a strong tournament.

the German Preliminary round matches:

10. January, 18.15 h: Korea – Germany
12. January, 18.15 Uhr: Germany – Brazil
14. January, at 18: Russia – Germany
15. January, 20.30: Germany – France
17. January, at 18: Germany – Serbia

Who are the favorites?

The top contenders for the title of the second world Cup host Denmark and France. In Denmark, the 31-year-old Mikkel Hansen (Paris Saint-Germain) is still the clock. He is probably the strongest left-back-room player in the world, Niklas Landin and Jannick Green as the best goalkeeper-Duo, left winger Casper Mortensen from FC Barcelona is another top Star. Denmark is the current Olympic champion and has been at the European Championships a year ago, Fourth.

The French have to abandon due to injury to their Superstar Nikola Karabatic, are filled with back-room player Kentin Mahé of KC Veszprém, Dika Mem, FC Barcelona and right winger Luc Abalo, Paris Saint-Germain but more top notch. In addition, the French League is now regarded as the best in the world, the last three French Teams in the Final Four of the Champions League.

Spain with a Mix of veterans and talent, still capable of development, Norway and Croatia have an Outside chance. Sweden last played at the European Championships in 2018, a fascinating tempo football and had made it so sensational in the final.

Danish top Star Mikkel Hansen

Where can you watch the games?

ARD and ZDF will transfer all world Cup matches of the German team live. The final match on 27. January is shown by the ZDF. In addition, the Internet service provider sportdeutschland.tv will show all 96 games of the title fights in Germany and Denmark live. Eurosport transmits 15 games without German participation.

what is the mode?

In four preliminary round groups with six Teams, first to make it to the main round. The three best Nations to come and take your points and the goal difference from the Games against the two for the main round of qualified Teams. Instead of K.-o.-Play as two years ago, as the DHB-selection failed in the first round at Qatar, the two main round groups of six teams. The two best Teams of each group reach the semi-finals, the winners play in the final for Gold.

Where is it played?

For the four preliminary round groups, there are four locations: In Germany, the Munich are with European Champions Spain and Berlin, host Germany. In Denmark will be played in Herning and Copenhagen. The German team would travel to the catchment in the main round after Cologne. The matches of the second main round group will be played in Herning. The semi-finals to rise in Hamburg, the final and the placement matches up to rank seven in Herning.

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