in The end, it is a physics student who brings a bit of momentum in this German-French day of celebration. Now, the young man, where the German Chancellor standing at the end of your career, could you muster the courage, a few more reforms in Europe.

Angela Merkel swallows a little, the President of France, Emmanuel Macron, standing next to her, verkneift a Smile. The Student but unmoved after: “Do you your friend, do us citizens a Favor.”

a Few minutes earlier, the German Chancellor and the French President in the coronation hall of the Aachen city hall signed the “Treaty on German-French cooperation and Integration”. Now they stand together with trainees, students and other citizens, and try to come up with the people into the conversation. You’ll find, says Merkel, to the students turned the new Treaty could be seen. “Today is a day that we have a bit of courage.”

16 pages, 28 chapters, the Signal that the Germans and the French with the Aachen Treaty want to send is clear: Europe may no matter the crisis, the UK will pull out, and Italy’s Matteo Salvini continue his success soon in the European Parliament -. On this Tuesday morning, the Germans and the French a break from the crisis, to renew the friendship of the promise you have given to the day exactly 56 years ago, with the Élysée Treaty.

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possibilities for historical Exaggeration, there is a lack, however, Merkel and Macron hold it in the king’s hall sober. The German is doing everything so that you can celebrate To the contract as to its success. Basically, they try out the ideas, so Merkel, the Macron have presented in his speech before the students at the Sorbonne and the “16 months later”.

Macron, you are allowed to, would have liked to see much faster, but he was also satisfied, for his standards anyway. Short speech on flashes of talent, his ability to give an appointment in a few words a personal touch. “When my heart finds not a word in French, then I search it in the German language,” he says. It remains the only Declaration of love to the Germans this morning.

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Because the French President is in the English-French reality arrived. This may also be due to the fact that Macron was sitting in front of not even nine months ago in the same hall, and even the German Chancellor listened to. At the beginning of may of 2018, he received the Charlemagne prize, and as the whole of Europe, Macron hoped that Merkel responds in Aachen, Germany, is finally on its proposals for reform. Alone, Merkel praised the award winners, although intimately, the answers, however, there was no.

Meanwhile, the Macron seems to accept the limits of Berlin and the political situation in the German capital to put his European vision. Specifically, he called the citizens ‘ dialogue of the German Parliament reserved for military missions, a fact, the joint military actions makes it much more complicated. Merkel in turn points to the fact that in the case of the Euro reforms with the last EU summit for the first time the end is reached. Even if it is to become a European Minister of Finance or an investment budget in accordance with Macrons ideas nothing. “The Reform of the economic and monetary Union in Germany is harder than in France,” she says.

A kiss here, a kiss there, chère Angela, cher Emmanuel – Macron and Merkel look like a Couple who is getting on in years. Both know what they have to each other, but also where the limits of the partner.

The new contract outlines these limits. Economic, defense, border regions, about all of this you can find something. However, in the case of Macrons great theme, the Euro, rather less, apart from a few cursory remarks to the economic and monetary Union. Now there should be more German-French day-care centres in border regions, education qualifications should be mutually recognized easier, the railway networks are better linked. That sounds like rather small projects. But this is precisely the strength of the paper can lie, after all, such improvements to come quickly to the citizens.

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The decisions in question is whether both sides have the strength to life the content in the coming years. A stronger cooperation before European summits and decision-making appointments, as envisaged by the Treaty, would be desirable. But what it is worth, when in Brussels, not even veteran diplomats at the recent by shock, common diplomatic proposal from the Germans and the French can remember?

Macron and Merkel, that is not an aggravating factor, are both at the peak of their Power. Macron is trying to defend his domestic political reforms, against the protests of the yellow West, and Angela Merkel is in the late stage of her chancellorship.

The kind words in Aachen can not hide a simple truth. Whether the contract is a success, will probably decide the successor to Merkel’s and Macrons. The merit of both but it is to now have the basis for this set.

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