In the Bavarian town of Amberg, four young drunk asylum seekers have been abused on the last Saturday passers-by and to the part of the beat. Rights to exploit the incident is now in the network, spread of online hate and propaganda – the digital attacks seem to be organized.

The private Facebook profile of the Amberger mayor Michael Cerny turned shortly after the incident in a reservoir for xenophobic comments. Cerny had condemned the attacks by the asylum-seeker on Facebook: “We do not need such violence in Amberg and you don’t want to see us,” wrote Cerny.

He demanded that the judiciary and the authorities would have to respond with an appropriate hardness without migrants are generally condemned as perpetrators of violence. “It may, of course, be generalized, in the entirety of these idiots have been proven but also the peaceful and dedicated to asylum seekers a disservice.”

Almost 500 users commented on the Facebook Post – the most demanded the deportation of the young men, or answered with slogans like “when are we going to finally get us the hate like the plague” or “The good intention of the perpetrators was to kill infidels”. “Some comments were more than fierce, and beyond the democratic consensus,” said Cerny later about the reactions in an Interview with n-tv.

Some of the comment-friendly, other rant

experience Also a lot of media, that after events such as those in Amberg right-wing commentators, for example, in connection with the alleged racist Auto-attacks in the Ruhr area. In the comment columns of such topics, even in the case of MIRROR ONLINE, a mix of posts from users of the affected and injured of the attacks, all the best wishes, with contributions to be made in those references Amberg.

It will then be shared in newspaper articles, but also texts from the right Blogs. Some users comment on the friendly, others berate the editorial staff. Soon to be found under almost every article, the Social Media Team on Facebook shares, regardless of the actual topic, appropriate comments.

Strikingly, many of the Profiles that engage in such debates, have few friends and seem to be fake accounts. Other of the active Profiles will have the right to make yet extreme sides seem to have only one Mission: against foreigners, the Left and the media mood.

A right Influencer mixed with

One of the sources for hatred: a right-wing opinion makers, the post on Facebook in the emotional language of the alleged Details of the incident in Amberg. It means, among other things,: “All 9 of the victims of foreign offenders group had to be treated in the hospital!” The only a Person had to be hospitalised for observation, there is no mention of the man. It is not the first Time that he stands out due to excessive Posts.

Meanwhile, his post was shared over 7000 Times, more than 2000 comments to be found – most of them racist.

Behind the digital outrage waves of concerted hatred is growing: they are controlled not only by each of the right Influencers, but also of entire networks. The extreme right, do the online always professional and organize targeted campaigns. You hijack Hashtags, calling for a mass onslaught on political opponents, or the comment columns of the media, or liking and commenting on certain Posts or YouTube Videos in order to make the right messages more visible.

A network full of hatred

The right-wing network “Reconquista Germanica”, shows how the Right organized do it now. Online the 2017-active Troll army conspired to missions. The rights of candidates had to be Online to complete interviews, the members of the network were daily equipped with tasks and to specific debates or goal people set. Through their activities, they were able to ascend within the Troll army, and were rewarded with military ranks, as is the case of the Wehrmacht.

The original channel in case of Discord, a Gamer-chat service, has been blocked in the past year – the activists are still active.

the digital baiting in Amberg-the case looks organized. “I could see strong signs of a coordinated campaign of new right circles – and that Amberg should be used to from the right-wing terrorist attack in Bottrop distracting you,” says the IT expert Philip Kreißel, evaluates regularly the right pages, and comments. “In the comments under practically every article on the topic of Bottrop, it was about trying to steer the topic to Amberg.”

attacks where the perpetrators are from the extreme right environment, are represented as self-defense, has observed Kreißel. In a Facebook Post as a Screenshot backed up, it says: “it Is about time that the tables are turned.”

Digital works, the outrage is greater

Through targeted disinformation strategies, but also through the use of Fake Accounts, debates, and sometimes distort – the outrage is digital bigger inflated than they actually are.

The 2018 from the Think Tank Institute for Strategic Dialogue (ISD) has published a study, “hate on the push of a button” (PDF) has evaluated how right-wing Troll-factories are working and occupied, as it is sometimes a couple of Thousand Accounts to manage debates and to manipulate as a “vocal minority” debates.

“The right of the Troll Accounts are much more active than normal Social Media users and suggest this, it has to do with a huge movement,” says IT expert Kreißel, who is also the co-author of the study. “This is particularly problematic when the media and politicians pick up on these moods, and distribute: allows you to set up a much larger harm than the trolls.”

Sam Yoon has many years of experiences in journalism. He has covered such areas as information technology, science, sports and politics. Yoon can be reached at 82-2-6956-6698.