could not Politically overturn US President Donald Trump Obamacare so far. Several Republican members have tried it now again in the legal way, and thus, at least in a first step, in the U.S. state of Texas success.

A local Federal judge has determined that in the reign of President Barack Obama adopted health reform as unconstitutional. Responsible judge Reed O’connor made an Amendment to the tax law in the year 2017.

Since this Change, it is in breach of the Constitution that U.S. citizens would acquire no health care, would be financially punished, had argued 20 Republican attorneys General and governors in their lawsuit. In Obamacare, a duty of all citizens was provided against the threat of a penalty payment with a health insurance company. Republicans and conservative groups see this as a curtailment of freedom rights.

The penalty was confirmed in 2012 by the Supreme Court. The so-called “individual mandate” should serve as a control. The Republican-controlled Congress has eliminated the fine, in the meantime, however. Now it was in the lawsuit, thus there was no legal Basis for the decision of the Supreme Court, the Obamacare at the time, also in principle approved.

Democrats want to be back in front of the Supreme Court

Trump the court’s celebrated decision from Texas: “Wow, but not surprisingly, Obamacare has just been classified by a highly respected judge in Texas as UNCONSTITUTIONAL,” wrote the President on Twitter. “Great news for America!”

the abolition of The system and the introduction of a more market-oriented model was the promise of one of the Trumps of the Central election campaign – that he came across, but also within his own party on a fierce resistance.

With the verdict from Texas is likely to come to a head the dispute over Obamacare again. Attorneys General and governors, the Democrats have already announced to pull out in front of the Supreme Court.

Five of the nine Supreme Court judges who had voted in 2012 for the retention, in the office. In the past few years, the court has endorsed, but also controversial cuts in Obamacare. Religious entrepreneurs no longer need to participate in the costs of prevention.

The democratic California attorney General Xavier Becerra said, the judgment will not be deterred: “Our Alliance will continue to fight in court for the health and welfare of all Americans.” His colleague from Pennsylvania, Josh Shapiro, said his state was not bound to the misguided judgment of the judge. He will not enforce the decision.

the Chairman of The Democrats in the Senate, Chuck Schumer, said, the judgment seems to be based on faulty legal reasoning, and will hopefully be repealed. Americans, worried working families, would have to do everything to prevent that this judgment will act.

Obamacare was passed in 2010 and brought more than 30 million hitherto uninsured people in the United States guaranteed access to health insurance.


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