It was a sad record, the UN refugee Agency (UNHCR) in June announced: Nearly 70 million people around the world are recognized as Displaced persons. From the number of the order, these people better accept for the United Nations. Another reason is that The global upswing of right-wing populists who pretend to their own people was more important than all the others.

On Monday afternoon, the General Assembly of the United Nations, as a result of the UN refugee Pact. The paper should help to improve the Situation Fugitive in the world.

The UNHCR, it is hoped that “as many as possible” States agree to it. A UN Resolution that referred to the Pact, which was adopted in November, with 176 votes in favour. A significantly poorer result is a Surprise.

Who is a refugee?

refugees are all people trying to bring themselves before the war, ethnic violence, political, governmental or religious persecution in safety, and whose application has been accepted. On the Status of the host country to decide.

Additionally, the UNHCR in the Land of displaced persons, so-called Internally Displaced People (IDPs), mostly in war zones to be detected.

The UN-migration Pact, which was recently adopted in Marrakesh by more than 150 countries, was the first document which regulated the rights of migrants. However, there are already several agreements on the Rights of Fugitive: for more than 50 years, the rights and obligations of refugees are in the Geneva Convention and the Protocol relating to the status of refugees international.

Who is a refugee, must respect the laws of the host country. For the recognized Refugees protection from discrimination receives, a stay should not be followed crossing the right papers and the border as an illegal. In addition, he must not be sent against his will in a different country.

“Ultimately, every country can decide for themselves how much the Migration allows” REUTERS, architect of the UN Migrationspakts: “False Fears, false hopes”

What’s in the new refugee Pact?

the Pact from the office of the high Commissioner of the UN, the UNHCR, which is, according to the Geneva Convention for the Welfare and protection of refugees in charge was Written.

The Pact first and foremost appeal : the protection of refugees is a global community issue, and should be more and better shouldered together.

The authors are aware of how much xenophobia in many countries, the refugee discourse. So you stress the guiding principle of the Pact, he was “apolitical” . Rather, it is based “on the international refugee protection system, the core of which is the cardinal principle, do not account for the rejection and the Geneva Convention ( … )”.

The paper was presented at the beginning of August 2018, and is in its draft version has since publicly available. There is also a German version.

What are the objectives of the Pact?

The Pact is intended to reduce:

the pressure on the host countries, the refugees ‘self-reliance, increase access to third States’ solutions to expand and in the countries of origin the conditions for return in safety promote.

There is therefore a need to bring more people than in the past by Resettlement, so the resettlement in other countries than the direct neighboring countries of the conflict zones. For a long time, the UNHCR asks the community more places for Resettlement, as States parties, are ready people.

Almost a Million Muslim Rohingya fled from population displacement in Myanmar

in Addition, the financial and organisational support for the host countries is expected to grow, as the largest global refugee crisis in poor regions of the world.

in addition, the dependence of the Refugees, aid deliveries should be reduced and their Integration in the society of the host country will be strengthened. Because if refugees are forced to live in isolated Camps without access to work and education, you feel demotivated and degraded to charity recipients.

the Pact Is legally binding?

no. It is a “strong commitment” of the signatory countries, according to the UNHCR office in Berlin. The consent was not, however, synonymous with accession to the Geneva refugee Convention and its additional Protocol.

“We expect to have broad support, it is a consensus document that has already experienced a lot of approval,” says UNHCR spokesman Martin Rentsch. Binding of the Geneva Convention on refugees and its additional Protocol. Even that, however, does not prevent States from violating you again and again.

there Are resistance to the Pact?

so Far, little. The United States voted on 13. November is the only country against a Resolution, which approved the annual report of the UNHCR formally. This was a reflection of languages in the USA, specifically the wording, “welcome” to the refugee Pact, and “call on member States” to comply with it.

The U.S. representative in the third Committee of the General Assembly also stressed that the Pact was “not legally binding”, each country will “keep the sovereign right to determine its immigration policy”. This was understood except the United States, almost no country will be different. 176 countries agreed to. Eritrea, Liberia, and Libya abstained.

In one’s own country woman with a child distributed by: in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

Where to live the most refugees?

The biggest crises, the wars in Syria, Yemen and South Sudan, besides the ongoing conflict in Afghanistan are currently. For many African countries, the UN refugee Pact is far more important than the UN-migration Pact. In the neighbouring countries of South Sudan, the DR Congo, Burundi, and Somalia, millions of people living as refugees. 18 million people are currently registered a total of refugees in Africa. People who run without the support of international risk to get sick or starve to death.

Why is there the UN refugee Pact right now?

One reason the world’s nearly 70 million Displaced persons. Has been triggered, the process also by the migration of Syrian refugees from the under-funded Turkish Camps to Central Europe in 2015. In the result, the idea of the New York Declaration on asylum and Migration, resulting in the migration and refugee Pact were created at the UN.

UN high Commissioner for refugees, Filippo Grandi, also identified at the end of October, a growing number of Refugee hostility. Migrants and refugees would be “dehumanized”, and more and more “victims of a divisive political Agenda”. This is also why there is a need for the agreement. “If there was ever the need for such an Instrument, now is the time,” said Grandi.

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