US President Donald Trump has Long been with the FBI about the cross: He reviled the Federal police, since you determined in the Russia affair against his campaign team and, apparently, also against him. That’s why he fired FBI chief James Comey and Deputy Andrew McCabe. Therefore, he rages against Ex-FBI-chief-Russia-special investigator Robert Mueller. Therefore, he calls the rest of the FBI agents are “corrupt”.

Now Trump seems to have found a way to put the largest U.S. judicial system is quasi to the back of you lame – with the Shutdown.

More than 32 days, the longest budget takes the U.S. history lock already. But an end to the squabbles, the provoked Trump with his call for a border wall, Mexico has, is not in sight, mainly due to the stubbornness of the President.

the operation rests in eight ministries and authorities. And this is not only harmful to the 800,000 government employees who have, since Christmas, no salary. But, increasingly, the national security of the entire United States, which is obtained from many of these employees to maintain, often tedious, and in the breast-feeding: their individual fates are piling up to the national state of emergency.

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, for example, the according to the 9/11 terrorist attacks, established the Department of homeland security customs and border protection, the Secret Service and airports, responsible Transportation and Security Administration (TSA) is Concerned. There are a lot of employees “essential” and thus have to compete anyway, although without the money. Ten percent of all TSA refused at the weekend, officials frustrated with the service.

Also, most FBI agents have to process unpaid. The consequences for the officials, but also for the country-wide fight against crime, reveals the FBI Agents Association (FBIAA), the professional Association of more than 14,000 active and retired FBI agents: In a 72-page report put together by the actions of their members.

Both the FBI Headquarters and all 56 local branches would have to suffer the consequences of the shutdown, in the meantime, painful. Money and staffing hampered the investigation, more and more, and delayed many of the procedures. What the Criminals benefited terrorists, drug dealers, Gangs, Child traffickers.

“We can’t pay any informants for more,” writes an Anti-terrorist officer. “We risk losing them and the information you provide, permanently. This is not a switch that we can on and off.” Travel costs would not be paid, summons pronounced, and even Material, the go to the intelligence services and even the President could no longer create.

“We have no car any more,” reported an Agent. “Our car mechanic from battles official car, to replace flat tires.” All the accessories needed for forensic investigation from you, such as forensics filter or DNA audit records. Another complains that he could not afford to pay for a SIM card.

FBI Headquarters in Washington

“The Shutdown has taken us any room for manoeuvre,” says a special agent who claims to be straight against a suspected terrorist a “Top threat”. “We fear that the enemy knows that he can move freely.”

“children are in danger”, writes an Undercover Agent, investigating for sex offenders. Also victims of domestic violence would be affected and, therefore, The could not heard, their statements are not processed and their lawyers will not be paid.

An Agent who had “infiltrated a particularly violent street gang”, to Protocol, he had to cancel the surgery due to lack of money. So you lose the only Chance, “a number of violent individuals”. “We have sworn to protect the American people,” he writes, “but we can’t do that, if the government will not be included in stores immediately”.

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Several FBI employees to report on how the financial stress of taking her private, in spite of the free food dispensaries, set up by the authority. “For eleven years, my wife is fighting cancer,” writes one. “For the first Time in my career, we had to ask friends and family members to help.” That the state employees would have to suffer the consequences of the political polarisation of the United States, was “disgusting”.

a state investigation authority according to information from Shutdown spared, because it is financed from independent sources – the office of the Russia-special investigator Robert Mueller.

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