US President Donald Trump has the answers on questions of the special investigator for the Russia affair written down, but not yet transmitted. He had been busy “a bit,” he said in an interview with reporters. Answering the questions of special investigator Robert Mueller had been “very easy”. He stressed that it is not his lawyers, but he himself had formulated the answers. The US President did not comment on the content of Mueller’s questions. The New York Times had previously reported, Trump had spent up to 20 hours with his lawyers to reply.

Trump also said he was confident that in the questions Mueller’s Traps were hidden: “You have to be careful with people who have evil intentions.” The President described the investigation again as a “witch-hunt” that “should never have taken place”. Special investigator to investigate the alleged Russian interference in the US presidential election in 2016, and possible collusion between Trumps campaign team and Russian officials.

In Washington, it is speculated that the Mueller investigation could soon lead to additional Indictments, and the investigations of the former Director of the Federal Bureau of investigation approach may be the completion. So far, the special Prosecutor charges against four former Trump employees and 26 Russian citizen, has obtained.

Trump has since the Congress and Governor elections in 6. November his verbal attacks on Mueller again intensified. In a series of Twitter messages on Thursday, he described the investigation as a “disgrace for our Nation”. He alleged that Mueller, a “gang” of “villains” from the ranks of the Democratic party, the “people perish”.

Shortly after the elections, Trump had forced the resignation of the Minister of justice, Jeff Sessions, and as a temporary successor of Sessions’ former chief of staff Matthew Whitaker go installed. Since Whitaker had criticized the Mueller-investigations in the past violently, fanning the decision among his critics is the concern that it could restrict use of the interim Minister, the Mueller investigation.

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