we will first Clarify the leberkäs Semmel-Dilemma. The Vienna Commissioner, just unfortunately again in the form of a solid alcohol has slides-Dilemma.

you, so the collection Heinzi and Bibi, sitting in front of a car repair shop, which looks so rancid, as some Piefke Austria imagine. The Heinzi, in turn, the Bibi has suspected that he has stolen the Dokta, the old upper strizzi of Vienna, his money.

behind a corpse, the Pico Bello, the spindle drought strizzi, to inherit from the Dokta his “Bumsn” (brothels), troublesome teeth out had to were. What we have seen it all.

Like a dead Fox that has overwhelmed the Pico is right at the beginning, with its hot “oiden Schäsn” (Dt. his old car) – a wonderful night blue metallic-colored Mercedes SL from the seventies.

The meat loaf bread Dilemma, the Heinzi doesn’t understand, if he understands otherwise, to which he has since admitted. “One is always too little. Two are too much. And three for two, jo, has weary of the Lord God.“

Now we have – in addition to the meat loaf a bread for a couple of reasons together, which is why one must “look with the Marie,” the new case for the Bibi and Moritz, necessarily. Because beautiful, to rust hunted cars around (between the wind turbines, so that you will notice that the Marie is available to all current legs).

as a tutor in Vienna, and will receive (Puffn = weapon, Tschicks = cigarette, etc.), S. T. S., the old Styrian singer-songwriter heroes from the seventies, what may whine from the Run and from Greece.

Because in desaturated, very super-achtig, green, yellow, tinged images of a fabulously ancient story of friendship and trust, and the rotten Vienna (Unterwelts)society expires.

Retro and Modern

A story, to be written up, Retro and Modern to have on the Desk of Stefan Hafner and Thomas Weingartner in a very pleasurable and fruitful, coupled.

And because Erwin Steinhauer (Dokta), and Christoph Schärf (Pico Bello), but above all, the indescribable Simon Black (Heinzi) with a Lust for the chic cliché child to the neck have thrown that out.

Oh, an investigation will take place. A chase between the Dokta and the two Kieberern.

As pylons of the truth are finding again and again beautiful dialogues in the way. And then Voodoo (“Issues of singing coarse ma the Dead”) Jürgens. More abusive none.

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