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Two days before the Parliament vote in your political career, Theresa May is trying to turn it around. In an article In the tabloid “Sunday Express” the British Prime Minister to the Public. She writes, the result of the EU referendum in mid-2016 was “unambiguous”: “The British people want, that our future lies outside the European Union.”

Since then, they have negotiated “hard” and “tirelessly” worked to provide a Brexit on the legs, “for the whole of the United Kingdom to work,” writes May. And managed with the Brexit Deal it a few weeks ago, from Brussels to home, – certifies Oct.

If the Parliament does not act “on Tuesday, however, in the national interest” and for your Brexit Deal is correct, then the country would be threatened by a “No Deal”Brexit move, May writes. Or worse still, The country could remain also in the EU. “That would be a catastrophic and unforgivable breach of trust in our democracy,” warns May. Your message to the Parliament: “It is time to let the game come to stay and to do what is right for our country.”

That your appeal is going to change much, is unlikely. Because Mays-Brexit Deal is on all sides so unpopular that it is almost guaranteed, May lose the vote on Tuesday. A planned vote in December, has been postponed to May at the last Minute. Much has not changed since then.

How the Pro-EU stand to Mays-Brexit Deal?

The deputies to the legally binding divorce agreement and the political Declaration to vote on the future of relations. An agreement for the time after the Brexit. But it is already apparent that the UK is going to look after the Brexit over Europe worse than it is today. The Brexit opponents in Parliament say simply: Why a Deal for votes, if it would be better to just stay in the EU? The conservative MP Dominic Grieve described the Brexit in this context, a few days ago as “national suicide”.

And the Brexit-Hardliner?

the Position of The Brexit-hardline is more complicated. You disturb superficial of an emergency mechanism to prevent a hard border between the Republic of Ireland and the British-administered Northern Ireland. This “Backstop” would lead to the United Kingdom remain tied indefinitely to the EU until a solution is found. Ex-foreign Minister Boris Johnson said a few weeks ago, the Backstop will turn the UK into a “colony of the EU”. The former colonists, colonized by the EU? Unthinkable.

In reality, many of the Brexit fret-hard-liners in the first place, the fact that Brussels is in negotiations with London in the knee has force, as it will give you the Brexit-the champion in the run-up to the referendum have promised. As this idea has vanished, support many Brexit-hardline today, the idea that Britain could flourish after a abrupt without agreement success Brexit and under the rules of the world trade organization WTO with Europe trade. The head of the Euro-sceptics in the Tories ‘ Jacob Rees-Mogg, tweeted recently: “The WTO conditions are much better, than to remain in the EU chained.” Critics refer to this evaluation as “fantasy”. This group is in the house with an estimated 60 to 80 deputies, however, quite small.

As Labour is to the Brexit Deal?

head of the Labour party, Jeremy Corbyn, has in recent days repeatedly hinted that he would like to put a motion of censure against the government, if May loses the vote on Tuesday. Such a vote would most likely lead to new elections, in which Labour had a good chance to take over the government. Corbyn would then have to negotiate Anew with the EU. Him a much gentler Brexit in mind that the country would remain in a customs Union with the EU.

The Labour leader follows the Brexit-course that his party has agreed at the party conference in September. Should it not succeed, new elections, would like to Corbyn deal with the possibility of a renewed EU-referendum.

The demand for a new edition of the EU referendum has taken, especially within the Labour base in the past few weeks. According to surveys, a majority of British people might vote this time for remaining in the EU. But Corbyn is reluctant – much to the displeasure of many of his followers. Critics think Corbyn is a secret Brexit supporters. And in fact, the head of the Labour party in the run-up to the EU has voted in the referendum are reluctant to remain in the EU.

But Corbyn is probably wise tactically, by jumping on the “Remain”-train. Because of the Labour voters are split in terms of Brexit as the country as a whole. In the parliamentary elections in mid-2017, the majority of Labour voters came out of the camp of the Pro-EU. The majority of Labour constituencies have voted in the Referendum the year before, however for the Brexit. Would Labour now to stop the Brexit, then this could damage the party severely.

An example of this is the liberal Democrats: you have not managed to beat your clearly Pro-European Union capital. Quite the contrary: The party is currently as good as invisible.

the deputies to Overthrow the government?

The biggest Problem currently is that there are in the Parliament no majority for one of the possible courses – either for may’s Plan for a second Referendum, or for a hard No Deal-Brexit. But the country controls automatically, if all other plans fail. Now what?

The Sunday Times reported on Sunday about a planned “conspiracy”, the deputies of several parties involved. You are supposed to intend to deprive the government of control over the Brexit process, if May lose the vote on Tuesday.

The “rebels” want to push according to the report, in the coming days, the fact that some of the rules of procedure in the lower house to be amended. So the members would receive a number of powers that you could use to move the Brexit, or even the result of the Referendum to repeal the report.

in fact, it has been in the past few days in Parliament developments, such a power struggle is likely to appear. So a majority of the members of this house, the government agreed to last Wednesday, after a defeat on Tuesday only three of the session to give the time of day, in order to present an alternative plan. Actually, May would have had 21 days time.

Many of Brexit supporters to snap with anger, the government was “surprised”. Because the vote could take place, has changed the “Speaker” of the Parliament, John Bercow, a previously common method, and an Amendment approved, to the he from the point of view of critics would not be allowed to happen.

Some deputies accused Bercow, he had violated the rules of the Parliament. An angry conservative members of Parliament imputed Bercow that he was biased: He had seen him recently in a car sitting at the wheel of a Brexit-critical labels have geprangt. Bercow interrupted him. In his Expression there was “a mistake”. “This sticker is stuck to the windshield of the car of my wife.” The Deputy does not want to but lay close to it, that a wife “is somehow the property of her husband,” said Bercow.

The deputies acknowledged the statement with great laughter and applause – and so, at least for a few minutes, exceptionally, agreed.

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