The welfare state must be reformed to the German Association of towns and municipalities, according to profound. Managing Director Gerd Landsberg, said the Newspapers of the Funke media group in Germany had “formed a Form of fully comprehensive insurance mentality, according to which the state can do everything and everywhere, bars and for each individual Problem has a solution”. The could not work in the long run.

“is encountered Any Problem with the promise that there is more money and more staff,” said Landsberg. Both were against the Background of demographic and economic change in the long term is not achievable. The realization that the state could ultimately only distribute what he has deprived the citizens through taxes and duties, will hardly be observed.

basic security benefits for children required

the goal must be to simplify social legislation to cut red tape and to help the truly needy better, said Landsberg. “This is an indispensable prerequisite for this is that the welfare state works in the future and in the long term and financially viable.”

A first approach to reform should be the family’s political achievements. “At the time, there are almost 160 different services of the state, which represent annually more than 100 billion euros. This catalog must be crawled, and becoming less bureaucratic and more targeted on the truly needy.”

Specifically, Landsberg proposes the introduction of a General basic security for all children, including the children’s money. “At the same time some control must be removed advantages then, of course,” said the managing Director of the cities and municipalities. Complicated application procedures, for example, for the education and participation package could then be omitted.


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