NH Investment & Securities drops The100 Report. Photo courtesy of NH Investment & Securities

Brokerage house helps investors remain informed

NH Investment & Securities said May 4 that the Seoul-based entity published reports to help investors prepare for their later lives in a fast-aging society.

The brokerage house said that the reports offer various statistics aimed at providing three major strategies to manage assets.

“The society has changed fast in tandem with low birthrate and fast aging. Hence, a new type of family bonds has surfaced,” an NH official said.

The reports are available at the website of NH Securities or the companies’ outlets across the country.

NH Securities was launched in 2006 when Sejong Securities was incorporated into the National Agricultural Cooperate Federation, otherwise known as Nonghyup.

Currently, CEO Jeong Young-chae heads the Seoul-based brokerage whose largest shareholder is NH Financial Group. Its stake is 76.09 percent.

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