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With its passionate plea against exiting the EU, a talk-show audience member many of Brexit has spoken of enemies, apparently from the heart. The yellow jacket held, to date, largely unknown woman from the expected, especially with the British Prime Minister.

“Can we stop, please, to pity Theresa May?”, she said in the BBC program “Question Time” , after the presenter had given the word. “You got us into this.”

As interior Minister, May, with their hard stance was “for many years, responsible for the hostile climate against migrants. That’s a shame,” said the woman. In the campaign against the withdrawal referendum on the subject of immigration had played a major role. Many Britons complain about the influx of people from poorer EU countries.

Brexit vote on Tuesday in Parliament

On Tuesday, the British next week in the house on Mays Brexitplan. It is considered to be uncertain whether it receives a majority for its proposal for a soft exit, which envisages close economic ties to the EU and a transition period until 2021. May loses in the Parliament, threatens the United Kingdom a more abrupt departure from the EU, with many legal and economic uncertainties.

In the BBC broadcast of the women criticized in the yellow jacket, May have announced their exit after the Referendum, hastily. “She has drawn article 50, as they had no Plan.” Now the country had to suffer the consequences.

In the social media, the appearance of the talk-show audience member, it was widely used thousands of times. “Can take this woman, please the office of the Prime Minister?”, a Twitter user wrote. “The woman in the yellow jacket has put us in 90 seconds more than Theresa May in 31 months,” wrote the scientist Jenifer Cassidy of the University of Oxford.

woman worked for a large law firm Linklaters

The speaker was Ex-judge Diana Good, 62, identified. You have also worked for the major law firm Linklaters and was specialized in the field of International development. Good is now retired and consults according to the media, members of Parliament reports.

The Brexit condemned Good sharp. “We have the best inland market in the world, and everyone wants to do business with us. And we will lose by a government that is hopelessly overwhelmed.”

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