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The Brexit splits the British, also this Sunday, in London’s Whitehall. In the otherwise busy street between Parliament and Trafalgar Square, a gap, a hole gapes, a few Hundred meters long, to the people to keep crowds at a distance. Police officers, grating and concrete barriers to ensure that no one goes off to each other. Despite the anger, the lies about the city.

As the Brexit are hardliners who March on this day, led by British extremists, Tommy Robinson. Some have contracted yellow safety vests over how the protesters in France. Many flags of the Ukip carry most-right populist. On the other hand, demonstrators, EU, pan-flags, thousands came to the counter-rally, some of them are masked.

Demonstration for the Brexit

More than two and a half years after the Brexit Referendum on Europe haters and Europe friends in the UK are irreconcilable than ever. And shortly before the crucial vote in the lower house, the day X, the great Brexit-finals.

If it comes at all.

vote to defer?

On the weekend, a report by the “Sunday Times” in Westminster caused quite a stir. Supposedly Theresa May to think about the vote on their Deal with the EU to suspend writes on the sheet. The Prime Minister wants to win time, to move to Brussels for further concessions.

In Downing Street, you’re in a hurry, the speculation counter: “The vote will be held on Tuesday,” according to a spokesman.

In the Video: The strange rituals of the British house of Commons


it is clear: Too many hopes should not have May and your people with a view on Tuesday. As good as nothing happened in the last few days according to Plan.

several Slippers had to contend with May in the Parliament when voting on the Brexit-the legal opinion and the voice of the lower house, the deputies voted against the government.

DPA Brexit: answers to all the important questions

For weeks May also attempt to edit fluctuating Tories. She invites you to individual talks, the speech is of promises – and of pressure. Supposedly May is to have its critics and even its own cancellation in the spring, if you will now, once again, for your support.

On the weekend of May then started again in an almost desperate attempt, her rebellious party friends scare: “If you want the Brexit, ensures that you’ll get him,” she said in an Interview. “And so it goes in this Deal.”


Only: All that remains, apparently without success. On Monday even more government could kick members out of Protest against Mays rate back. And the number of Tories who speak out publicly against the Deal is rising relentlessly – more than a Hundred are now. It May need each in order to have any Chance at all. Alone because your group has no majority. Of the partners, the national-conservative DUP from Northern Ireland, rejects the agreement. And from the ranks of the Labour Opposition, only a few are likely to support the Prime Minister.

is expected in Westminster. May be missing more than a Hundred voice, and could hold hardly in the office, say their critics. There are less than 50 you could sell this as a success and yet again in Brussels to renegotiate, to get just before Christmas for a second Time with the Deal in front of Parliament.

Already on Thursday, the EU-countries to a summit. The British to interfere, especially in the so-called Backstop solution for Northern Ireland, which would bind great Britain in case of doubt, to the customs Union. However, it is considered hardly conceivable that the EU is ready to do so, the painstakingly negotiated agreements to reopen.

What now?

debate on the second Referendum

May is coming under increasing pressure to present a Plan “B”. For some, this is a second Referendum, which is increasingly likely, the more hopeless the situation appears. If in the Parliament, an agreement is impossible, you must decide for the people, so the idea.

May even reject a second Referendum, the Cabinet is divided. Leading Tory politicians should already have a Labour opposition explored, whether you would get together a majority for this Plan. Labour Minister Amber Rudd thought as the first representative of Mays government last aloud about Alternatives to the current Brexit Deal.

it is also Conceivable to the so-called Norway solution would be for you. The UK would therefore remain in the customs Union and the internal market. So that London could not limit, however, as planned, immigration – one of the Central promises of the government.

In the ranks of Brexit-a Hardliner, they say, come to think of it, meanwhile, for a long time, who could replace May, should the Prime Minister or by a vote of no confidence be brought down. It is well-known name to fall back on now. Ex-Brexit-Minister, Dominic Raab, for example. Or Mays Duration-Rival Boris Johnson. But also the acting interior Minister Sajid Javid.

And May? The head of government is hardly accessible, you are acting “like being in a Tunnel”, – quotes the “Times” of a Cabinet member. And the “Guardian” said one of Mays’s party friends: “she seems to be willing to March into the hail of bullets.”

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