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So loud it went in the British Parliament already for a long time: Under the roar Theresa May has the Brexit Treaty on Thursday defended against the attacks of almost all the member to read. It rained allegations. Calls to resign. Insults, you don’t have to care about the concerns of Ireland. Pressure, a second referendum. Threats of their adversaries, in a vote of censure – which is now being sought.

Three hours, the British Prime Minister stood in the house of Commons, and countered, argued, cited the arrangements of the exit agreement with the EU, explained the make-shifts for an open Irish border. With attitude, with hardness, with stubbornness and with Faith. May pulls through in the full Conviction that what is, in their opinion, under the circumstances, in the interest of the Kingdom and of the population. For this, it relies much less on political demonstrations of Power and profiling as many of their adversaries. Rare, but they stood there so alone.

on Tuesday evening May, what would you expect knew. The task is to convince your Cabinet of the draft Treaty, was ungrateful. Eleven of the 29 members of the Cabinet railed against the Treaty, and picked out weak points, which could not well deny May: the extremely strong links to the EU and dependence on Brussels, to can of it free. The risk of having to be permanently in accordance with EU regulations. This is all without any voice in the EU. It had not wanted the British. They had not voted for a variant of the Norway model.

The unrealizable fantasy of the Brexiteers

May on the Tuesday evening before the television cameras appeared and announced that the Cabinet support her Plan, she didn’t know already, this is not true. On Thursday morning, several Ministers responded with resignations. Even Brexit-Minister Dominic Raab gave up. His predecessor, David Davis had already entered back in the fall. They have all, ultimately, must recognize that the fantasy of a hard Brexit is with the advantages of a close link to the EU combine. But you do not want to admit publicly. You prefer to throw, waiting for a new Chance.

And of the day for May not be easier. It is the settlement in Parliament, in your bitterness, anger and threats, contrary to beat. All of this was May and the draft contract, was ultimately triggered by the fact that the Brexit supporters simply have miscalculated: All the talk that the rest of the EU member States quarrel, and Britain would reap advantages in Negotiations, was wrong. The draft contract shows how successfully the EU could enforce their interests – and how much of the UK this line had to follow.

At the same time, the irritable mood in Parliament for Mays adversary was the ideal occasion to attack you hard. While the Prime Minister responded on Thursday, at midday, the questions in the lower house, gave the proponents of a hard Brexit your letters for a vote of no confidence from the trust. This Time also the Chairman of the hardliners of the European Research Group (ERG), Jacob Rees-Mogg. Since the Brexit vote he is trying to bring Theresa May an unconditional withdrawal from the EU, without ever telling how the Problem of the Irish border could be resolved. In front of the Parliament he announced that the negotiated draft Treaty was not the “Brexit”. “This is not going to work.” And: “no, it’s not about me. I’m not throwing my hat in the Ring.”

Kevin Chung studied literature in Seoul. He is interested in various areas. He can be reached at or 82-2-6956-6698.