The British Prime Minister, Theresa May fears because of a dispute to the Brexit no confidence vote against. In an Interview with Sky News, the conservative politician said that, to their knowledge, voices from their party were not sufficiently come together, in order to initiate such a procedure. A minimum of 48 votes are necessary to a party’s internal vote of no confidence.

On the question, whether there were the necessary votes, said May in an Interview: “as far as I know, no.” The Chairman of the responsible Committee for such a vote, Graham Brady, has confirmed to the BBC Radio. In Brady, the votes for a failure to vote of no-confidence shall be submitted in writing. How many did he receive, he said.

May is since of the agreement with the EU on an agreement for the Brexit under a lot of pressure. After the publication of the draft Treaty last week, among other things, the Brexit-Minister Dominic Raab and the labour Minister Esther McVey came back. Two Times May had to defend herself for hours in front of the members of Parliament for the outcome of the negotiations with the EU. Hardly any of the parliamentarians supported the outlet, the head of government, and the draft for the EU.

A dozen Brexit-hardliners of the European Research Group (ERG) were also openly against the head of government, and some submitted their votes for a party’s internal vote of confidence. Your goal is, May as a party leader. However, even if such a vote should not happen, it is unclear whether the Parliament will approve the exit agreement. Members of her Conservative party have already announced to vote against the contract.

The British Prime Minister, who will negotiate in the coming days in Brussels, described the next seven days as critical. “It’s about the future of this country,” said May. A change of leadership would not make the negotiations with the EU easier and also in the majority in the British Parliament will not change, said the head of government.

Retired Brexit-Minister calls for new negotiations

resigned Raab accused May meanwhile, once again a weak negotiating. May not have threatened the EU to be credible so that, if necessary, without agreement to withdraw. “If we are not able to complete the Deal at reasonable terms and conditions, we need to be very honest with the country, that we will not allow ourselves to bribe and extort, or harass, and we will go our ways,” said Raab in an Interview with the Sunday Times. The former Brexit-the Minister argued, the negotiations once again.

The Chairman of Mays Conservatives in the British house of Commons, Andrea Leadsom, told the BBC that she supported the Prime Minister. Completely satisfied with the agreement, you will not be. Several British media reported that Leadsom wool with four other leading Ministers in May to amend the contract.

At a summit meeting on the 25. November want the EU heads of state and government decide to strengthen the design. Before May, wants to meet with EU Commission chief Jean-Claude Juncker. It is considered very unlikely that the EU is embarking on a substantial renegotiations.

the UK occurs on the 29. March 2019 from the EU. Of the 585 pages long Brexit Treaty provides for, among other things, a transitional phase until the end of 2020, regulates the future rights of the citizens on both sides, the financial demands on the government in London and the Status of the British province of Northern Ireland.

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