The British Prime Minister, Theresa May, has advertised, in a speech before the house of Commons, in the upcoming vote for the Brexit were to vote in agreement. “The British people want us to move forward with the Deal,” she said. “I can say to this house with absolute certainty: There will be no better Deal.”

May said when the British Parliament about the agreement to the vote: on 11. December. Prior to that, the Parliament should discuss for five days on the government. At the weekend, already, the heads of government of the remaining 27 EU countries have approved the Treaty.

“no one knows what will happen if this Deal is not accepted,” warned May. “It is our duty as a Parliament, it is in these coming weeks to review this agreement in Detail, to discuss it respectfully, to listen to our citizens and to decide what is in our national interest.”

It is uncertain whether the house of Commons a majority. In the case of the ruling Conservatives, some members have spoken out against the Brexit Treaty. The Northern Ireland party, the DUP, which rejects any special role in Northern Ireland in the Treaty, does not want to support the agreement – whose votes may’s minority government is dependent.

resistance also announced the Opposition. The head of the social democratic and Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn, described it as an “act of national self-harm”, that May insists on the Deal. The negotiations had failed, his party will vote against the Deal, he said. A majority in the lower house May can only hope, if you are looking for a closer connection to the EU.

Up to the vote has May numerous public events in all Parts of the country to promote the Treaty and to make more pressure on the house of Commons. A report in the Telegraph that it is considering a TV debate with Corbyn. May warns for days before, that it come to divisions and uncertainty, should reject the house of the agreement. In this case, either a disorderly exit of the UK, the drastic economic consequences that bring, or no Brexit threat according to Mays. In media reports, it could lead to a new election, or to a second Brexit Referendum, should not, May prevail with your Deal.

renegotiations in Brussels, it should be according to APR and the EU. The Brexit-the representative of the EPP group in the European Parliament, Elmar Brok, according to the British further negotiations would get “no second Chance”, as he told the ARD morning magazine.

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