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in The end, there were just 13 minutes. 13 minutes, in which Theresa May was talking, without saying much. In which the British Prime Minister made it once again very clearly what you want with a view to the Brexit everything, and in which she betrayed little about what you want instead. 13 minutes, in which the Packed hoped the house of Commons in Westminster on a response from the head of government, but only a question got: “How can we make sure in this house a majority in favour of a Deal (the European Union)?”

It is, how it was that Theresa May has no Plan B. Instead, it has tinkered with from your Plan A a paper boat and put it in the pond. Now she waits, where the Wind blows.

Many had expected this speech of the head of government on Monday afternoon, is actually different. After their historic vote to defeat a week earlier, when two-thirds of the Parliament, the negotiated divorce agreement with the EU in the air torn, May had announced that for the first time ever with other parties for a way out of the Brexit-quandary’re looking for.

Theresa May

A task which was complicated by the fact that Jeremy Corbyn, the head of the largest opposition party, Labour, every call is denied, as long as the government leaves the Option on the table, to eliminate, if necessary, without any contractual safeguards from the EU. And because May had not, for its part, made clear early on that it intends to address the core elements of your Brexit Plan hasty to give up, remained basically there is no room for compromise.

the own ranks

in May, which has lifted the concept of stubbornness to a whole new level, close tried over the weekend, yet tirelessly, for the standoff to resolve. Of your country residence, Chequers, you took members of the Cabinet, members of her conservative party and individual representatives of the Opposition to the prayer. They also tried to find out whether you could win on Labour, if he has enough MP, the Rebellion numbers in their own ranks moderately in balance.

Apparently in vain.

On Sunday evening, you are informed according to British media reports, her Ministers, that she wanted to win but once the Tory renegades and their De facto coalition partner, the Northern Irish DUP, back.

Brexit answers to all important questions

How exactly is that supposed to go, not betrayed May on Monday. In her 13-minute Statement, the 62-Year-old only know that it holds both a No Deal as well as a second Referendum that could lead to the cancellation of a Brexit – is dangerous. She announced, once again, to want with the EU on the so-called Backstop for the Northern Irish-Irish border have to negotiate. With this emergency solution for Northern Ireland would remain for an indefinite period of time in the EU customs Union, should not be able to London and Brussels until the end of 2020, a free trade agreement. to demonstrate

in order To good will, promised May, in addition, the Parliament greater say in the Negotiation of future relations with the EU. Labour you are lured with the commitment of workers not to interfere with the rights, even after the Brexit. And finally, the planned re-registration of about 3.5 million EU-citizens in the Kingdom free of charge. Otherwise, you want to talk more with whomever.

A bolder foray, however, a surprising Plan that would be likely to unite a majority of the lower house behind: nothing. May, it seems, is no longer able to control the Brexit process. The others have to do for you. First of all, the Parliament.

to bring Three ideas from the Parliament

The house now has until Tuesday next week, time, May, on a course – or even to force:. Some ideas haunt the Palace of Westminster, to be made in the next few days, in the Form of legislative amendments to the vote. Completely unpredictable, whether it is at least for one of them, a majority. And it was only a theoretical one.

a cross – party group of MPs plans to make a contract – free withdrawal from the EU without any transitional period-the so-called No Deal-practically illegal. Should be just before the Leaving date on the 29. March no agreement exists, would be forced by the government with this request to stop the discharge process at the very last Moment. Other members want to show riding to the right only, to test in all possible Brexit-variants: With such a “Finger-votes” would be significantly, if there even is a way out of the parliamentary stalemate. A third group wants to encourage, Mays Deal with the EU still agree, however, with the significant restriction to place a time limit on the Northern Irish Backstop in time.

May is always more to a mere spectator

The EU, which has rejected each of the Undoing of the exit agreement, as yet, strictly, would be placed under considerable pressure to act. The unity of the 27 other EU States, threatens to gradually crumble, was on Monday significantly Since Poland’s proposed foreign Minister, the British by a limitation of the Backstop to accommodate – which was rejected by the Irish government immediately.

one way or the other: In Britain, a development has started, at the end of Theresa May, only an onlooker to a spectacle by the name of Brexit might be. The creeping transfer of power from the Executive to the Legislative branch – is possible only because the country is not governed by a written Constitution, but by ordinary and customary practices – is not without risk. But in the end, perhaps the only alternative. And may May is not so unhappy about it.

at least suspected on Monday Yvette Cooper. May, the Labour MP, would also prevent a No Deal, but given the balance of power in the conservative party, she did not know how. “Now, she hopes that we do in Parliament.” That probably May be done finally, is a price that many of the members would pay more than willingly.

graphics to Brexit-Poker state-of-the negotiations, So it could go further

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