The Technical University of Munich (TUM) research for a Long time already to the Artificial intelligence, how it can be applied, but also what social impact it has. This research gets a huge financial boost from Silicon Valley.

Facebook is supporting the new Institute for Ethics in Artificial Intelligence, with 6,5 million Euro for the next five years. Press spokesman of the TUM, Ulrich March, said the MIRROR, Facebook had turned to TU and scientists asked if they could imagine a cooperation. “The contract negotiations have now begun, in February, it’s supposed to go.”

just last year, the TUM was announced, that the Foundation of Lidl and Kaufland-founder Dieter Schwarz bought her 20 endowed professorships. For each external sponsor of the TUM, rejects that this could affect research and teaching.

“Only without the action of”

Also at the Facebook donation TU-spokesman for the March said: “We do things like that here, only without the action.” The company is from California, so I will take no influence on research projects or scientists.

again and again, universities of economy, finances, companies, and foundations. It is not always observed, however, the autonomy of the research. So had secured the Boehringer Ingelheim Foundation a few years ago extensive rights, especially in the appointment of professors at the University of Mainz.

More on the funds and endowed professorships third – “it is Clear that to not research fair working conditions

is to buy” Berlin’s Humboldt University and the TU Berlin in the year 2006 by Deutsche Bank with two chairs. Later it came out that the Bank for teaching, research, and staff a lot of say had been given. When the bubble burst five years later, has ended the cooperation.

Good for the Image

Christian Kreiß, business administration-Professor of Aalen, criticized for a long time that company would take more and more influence on the research. In the current case of Polish Facebook with the donation to the TU Munich, at least its Image, he warned.

an observer might think, according to the circle: “TU Munich is reputable, then do not need to be a Facebook kind of serious, so all the data abuse is so bad, otherwise, would not dare even to install an ethics Institute, otherwise the would not come to the light of day. Good for Facebook business.”

University spokesman for the March said that TUM would need to submit Facebook any research results in advance. “But what we are researching, we will publish, of course.” Facebook hopes that this potentially interesting insights for the company, which relates to ethical questions in the area of Artificial intelligence.

March acknowledged, however, it is also conceivable that the TU Munich organizing together with Facebook, but also with other companies such as Kuka, Siemens or Bosch – joint conferences or Workshops of old, or “Working Papers” published. How exactly will the cooperation look like, is still open.

New chairs or Professorships were not initially planned. The Institute will only work with the professors, which are already at TUM, said in March. Then you’ll see who you could hire.

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