“Not only in the CSU

now the knives sharpened” Heilbronner Stimme: “of Course, Horst Seehofer, a total failure was involved as a Federal Minister of the interior and the world and forbidding the CSU chief at the crash significantly. A portion of the decline in Prime Minister Markus Söder wearing. Since he took office, dropped his party of about 40 percent in the polls. Since all of the helped – some billion gifts nonsensical – nothing, with whom he wanted to buy sympathy points.

Whether it’s family money, support for ski resorts or the space. This was out of the race because he let in the return of his zigzag course, in matters of immigration, but also with initiatives such as the Crucifix or the introduction of the border police, many voters verprellte. Add Söders came a lack of positive father of the country.

Not only in the CSU, now the knives sharpened. The CDU should be punished in two weeks in the state of Hesse also, should Chancellor Merkel be not keep to. The election in Bavaria has a turning point in German politics ushered in.“

“Bayern moved, but everything is still on course”

Mittelbayerische Zeitung (Regensburg): “Bayern moved, but everything is still in place. It is sort of the time, quiet breath, and searching for rational coalitions. With the Green it is likely to be difficult.

Starting from the both sides fiercely-run attacks during the election campaign about deportation and 10-H-rule for wind turbines, to the police tasks law – in this Alliance, both partners would have to swallow indigestible big bucks.“

“the defeat of The CSU in Bavaria is a victory of democracy in Germany,”

Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger: “as for the social Democrats, the Duo infernale Seehofer/Söder: The Federal policy has harmed. But the SPD is not a victim, perpetrator. She pays the price for continuing to Provoke and Derail the Grand coalition government by the CSU.

the SPD would not be blamed if she sought the exit from an Alliance, the long-common idea of internal Holding are missing. In Bavaria, many voters must be worked, and that a self-interest fixed regional party in Berlin can not take the whole country into liability and at the same time, so do as you would do with the property, problems, and crises of government. Therefore, the defeat of the CSU in Bavaria is a victory of democracy in Germany.“

“Why should you, as tight to the right foreigners, haters, choose a half-baked copy?”

the Aachen news: “Söder, Seehofer & co. have tried to beat the Indecent by even greater indecency from the field. In this game, with fire you have burned your fingers. With pithy regulars ‘ table slogans, the Republicans could be kept at the beginning of the 90s, although still small. With the AfD, but that does not work. And why you should choose as a tight right alien haters, a half-baked copy of it, if you can get an Original?

With its strategy, the CSU has made the AfD yet. The liberal part of her electorate, she has to have driven at the same time the Green in the arms, which is sent as an ecologically-civil, home, party, presents. The CSU has left on the right and on the left edge of the springs.“

“CSU-voters don’t want any noise to the Kraches’s sake”

General-Anzeiger (Bonn): “The CSU is experiencing as well as the CDU and the SPD, the loss of importance of the people’s parties. In this election, but many of the problems were home-made, especially the behavior of the party leadership.

CSU leader and Federal interior Minister Horst Seehofer has done as a destructive force and two Times the collapse of the coalition risked. Although it is like the CSU-voters if their representatives in Berlin a little 'Mia san mia' wheel. But you don’t want a noise only to the Kraches will.“

“Maybe the result is a precursor to a larger quake,”

Mannheimer Morgen: “The future coalition partners in Munich and the previous in the Federal get it first, with a battered Boxer to do that is unpredictable. On the SPD you do not need to talk. The party is literally crushed. The convinced socialists went to the Left, the enlightened citizens of the Green party and the workers to the AfD. Maybe the result is a harbinger of a bigger earthquake, which could then also capture Andrea Nahles, and the Grand coalition in Berlin. In two weeks after the Hesse-choice, you will know it.“

“, Merkel, Seehofer, Söder, Nahles – where a human renewal is being prepared?”

the Fuldaer newspaper: “Apparently, the incessant Nagging in the Federal government is the Killer, who has led the CSU in their worst result since 1950, and the SPD in the insignificance. However, it is short-sighted to look only at failures, bad luck and breakdowns.

After 13 exhausting Merkel-years, a perpetual horse-trading and a standstill on the important fields in trust of the voters of the once-great political parties and their prominent representatives of the large throw. Merkel, Seehofer, Söder, Nahles – where is prepared a personal renewal, which would be urgently necessary?“

“This Bavarian Landtag elections have been decided in Berlin”

Rheinische Post (Düsseldorf): “This historic, Bavarian result forbids a More-so in Berlin. A Cabinet reshuffle at the end of the previous CSU-Chef Horst Seehofer, the government no longer listened to, would be a start.

it is Necessary also a We-have-understood-Signal to the CDU, which must at least submit a Plan for the succession of party leader Angela Merkel is to be organised. The party Congress in December would be the right Forum. And for the socialists it is not enough, only in the pension and housing policy to the lawyers of the little people to be on the wing. You need to do it in the integration and security policy.

there’s No question that This Bavarian state elections have been decided in Berlin. The main players in the Berlin parquet, the CDU and the SPD, have been punished in Munich, that you have lost your dispute over refugee policy and the future of the protection of the Constitution President of the traction and the feeling for the people. The CSU must have not point accusing fingers in the direction of the capital. The two solid-governmental crises in June and September, has instigated CSU party leader Seehofer.“

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