churches, concert halls, castles, castles: There are the special buildings, which attract tourists. And anyone who visits attractions the Top, maybe even desire, to spend the night in a top hotel in sight. Here are our suggestions, from Cologne via Berlin to Munich.

The most visited attraction in Germany is the Cologne Cathedral. Up to 30,000 visitors a day counted on the Dome. The close ties of the house of God with a Cologne is very much in the carnival period; then the revelers in costume are allowed inside the Church. Just on the other side of the street the Cathedral is one of the best Hotels in the country, the “Excelsior Hotel Ernst”.

The tradition of the house is supplied as the Dom constantly with “fresh cells” and young. So the flowers will be renewed in splendour in the Lobby constantly, the tables in the Restaurants are perfectly covered, and the 108 rooms and 34 suites (starting at 190 Euro) convince with their personal device.

bed with views of Neuschwanstein castle and the Brandenburg gate

Almost as popular as the Cologne Cathedral, Neuschwanstein castle in the Allgäu region. In 1869, construction began; it was to serve Ludwig II (1845-1886) as a inhabitable theatrical setting. In fact, the king of Bavaria lived until his death in only 172 days in the castle.

Neuschwanstein castle, with its characteristic scenery served as a model for the Disneyland castles in Florida and in France, as well as for the “Excalibur Hotel & Casino” in Las Vegas. Who wants to live close to the “real” castle of Neuschwanstein, king Ludwig Wellness & Spa Resort Allgäu is the right choice.

The Hotel, with its ambience of princely splendour, and from anywhere you can see the magnificent castle. Great! The official price list for the 85 guest rooms and 26 suites starts with 128 euros.

The first point of contact for all visitors to Berlin are mostly the Brandenburg gate and the Gendarmenmarkt square, with magnificent domes. The “Adlon” offers the unbeatable advantage of many of the rooms directly on the Brandenburg gate. However, this has subsided to Kempinski belonging to the house lately (double rooms from 250 Euro).

Berlin’s best Hotel is the “Regent”, and also this house is very Central. Timeless elegance, period Antiques and attention to detail characterize the atmosphere and of course the views of the historic buildings on the Gendarmenmarkt. The price bar for the 150 rooms starts at 240 euros. The Director of the house, Stefan Athmann, has just converted to be a hotel restaurant. It offers good German cuisine at the highest level.

luxury hotels in Hamburg, Dresden and Meißen

a Relatively new attraction in the North is the Elbe Philharmonic hall in Hamburg, which not only has a fantastic acoustics, but thanks to the spectacular appearance of Hamburg’s newest landmark. From the roof terrace of the “Fairmont Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten”, the traditional house of the Hanseatic city, you can admire the “Elphie” extensively. The 156 guest rooms and suites with the finest materials and exquisite Antiques downright stately. The room rates start at 250 Euro.

A cheaper Alternative to The Westin “(double room from 150 Euro), which is located in the same building as the Elbe Philharmonic hall”. The equipment is not particularly spectacular, the views of the harbour.

For many the most attractive city in Eastern Germany Dresden is the Semper Opera, the Zwinger Palace and the Frauenkirche. Structurally, the best Hotel in the city fit exactly, the traditionally decorated “Taschenbergpalais” in the middle of the old town, a stone’s throw from the Top sights (double room from 130 euros). Both the public spaces and the residential units of the hotel are furnished with the finest Antiques, fine curtains and silver jewellery.

Of course ächsische master Builder Arnold of Westphalia (1425-1480) created with the Albrecht castle in Meissen, a building that puts the viewer even today, in Amazement. As August the Strong (1670-1733), 1710 decided to use the castle as the first European porcelain manufactory, Albrechtsburg castle, known all over Europe. Today, the facility boasts a modern, innovative exhibition, with virtual staging and interactive media stations, and is a real Trendsetter.

Around Meißen, there is magnificent Hiking and Jogging trails. And for the holiday mood with Wellness and enjoyment, but above all with a stunning view on the Elbe river and Albrechtsburg castle, the “Dorint Parkhotel Meißen”. The Hotel is flooded with light and offers 112 rooms and six suites (from 97 Euro). Once again, joy comes in the evening with the bed hupferln, lying on the pillow.

In Munich, Germany, one of the best German Hotels

is built in The New town hall in Munich was built in 1867 on the North side of the Marienplatz in the neo-Gothic style. It is an internationally well-known show is today game, the great grape of onlookers on the Marienplatz gathered.

Punctually at eleven o’clock (from March to October, in addition to 17 o’clock) shows the Carillon in the tower of the town hall events from the history of the city Munich. Cuddly it is in the evening at 21 o’clock. To the music of Richard Wagner’s “Meistersinger” and Brahms ‘ “song” is brought to weigh the Münchner Kindl to bed.

nearby is the visitors one of the best German Hotels, you can enjoy the “Mandarin Oriental”, had Georg Rafael for his own group, build it at a later time, the excellent hotel group Mandarin transferred to Oriental. The house has 48 spacious rooms and 25 suites, all with elegance and Asian accents.

The spectacular ambience, however, is only the frame for the equally amiable and competent Service that brings the Hotel regularly top reviews. Officially, the overnight rates start at 600 Euro.

At the Heidelberg castle and the Wartburg

The epitome of German romanticism, Heidelberg castle, or rather, what’s left of it. Anyone who has experienced the guided tour through the impressive ruins, is impressed by the former residence of the Prince-elector of the Palatinate, absolutely, truly a special experience.

The town of Heidelberg was first mentioned in the year 1196, for the first Time in a document. To fit the historic atmosphere of the “europäische Hof Heidelberg”, a fourth-Generation run hotel with 114 rooms and suites (a double room excellent costs according to the price list from 228 Euro).

a Lot of points here at the castle. The gourmet restaurant “elector’s tube”. Energy is in the Panorama Spa Club, and in the castle garden. The “europäische Hof Heidelberg” belongs unquestionably to the absolute Elite.

the highlights of German history, the Wartburg in Eisenach. According to the legend, the construction work began as early as 1067, the in 12. Century created the main building, with late Romanesque architecture still exists today. The art collection of the castle with their Treasures from eight centuries, was established on the recommendation of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe 200 years ago.

Only a few meters below the fixed towers, the “Romantik Hotel auf der Wartburg”. It was set up in the historic ambience, the rooms offer a magnificent Panorama on the castle and the Thuringian forest, or Eisenach. The accommodation offer is limited, there are only 37 rooms and suites (from 200 euros).

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