He’s wearing a tail to penalties and a Sack, he puts the naughty children: Knecht Ruprecht is in many places, the companion of the benevolent Nikolaus – and a hunt for some children fear.

This should be according to the Green politician, Josefine Paul finally concludes: “Knecht Ruprecht is out of date. He no longer fits into the current picture of the child’s education,” said the North Rhine-Westphalian members of Parliament and spokeswoman for child and family policy of the “Rheinische Post”.

“children, you should threaten to never,” says Paul. Including the parental pressure is not the case of “If you’re good, then…”. Children have a fundamental right to an upbringing free from violence, including psychological violence count. Nicholas is a beautiful Tradition, Paul says, the children should be happy to have instead of worry, that they had not been good enough.

Nikolaus and Knecht Ruprecht on the banks of the Rhine

While Paul’s support from the customs researcher Manfred Becker-Huberti gets the calls in the newspaper for a servant to Ruprecht’s home, see critics by Paul’s Statement, already Occidental cultural heritage in danger.

the FDP politician Marcel Hafke, Nikolaus and Knecht Ruprecht, to be referred to as a “good Tradition” and ranted on Twitter against the Green.

Other users were polemically, that in the same fairy tales with witches and wolves or the stories of the brothers Grimm should be abolished. Most of the entries took advantage of plump the claim of Paul, however, to Häme pour over the Green.

However, Paul calls for the abolition of Knecht Ruprecht, as you turned towards the MIRROR. You plead, only for him not to intimidate: “Maybe a servant to help Ruprecht better when you Wear the candy, rather than threatening with the rod.” A bag for that, he has already.


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