FDP leader Christian Lindner in his speech at the three-king of the party meet the new CDU-Chairman, Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer criticized. Although he said again that he will refuse the name of the politician as a “Mini-Merkel”, as if it were a “macho saying”, but also because they have a “visible own profile”.

With many of the items is Lindner, however, apparently does not agree. So he threw Kramp-karrenbauer, to have, in the past, tax increases required, and criticized their company policy. You’ve called the “marriage for all” in a sentence with incest and polygamy. “This is not only a conservative, even reactionary.” Similarly, he had expressed already in the MIRROR.

the Interview on MIRROR+ Roman Pawlowski / THE MIRROR FDP-Chef Christian Lindner, “We are not the economic club of CDU”

Lindner also appealed against the CDU leader required social obligation of the year for young people. “There’s a whole year will be nationalized.” Training and work remained. This is “economically foolish”. In addition, the state is not for character education, but family and schools. Your predecessor, Angela Merkel, have modernised the CDU’s social policy, which should now be under the new Chairman is not reversed.

Germany is in need of a new departure, said Lindner. Angela Merkel to give up after their withdrawal from the CDU presidency, the chancellorship. The FDP leader, brought his party as a coalition partner in the game. If other parties, the FDP made a “fair offer”, one could assume that the liberals would take responsibility.

“Unfair and anti-social”

Lindner, his claim confirmed to the Union, the solidarity surcharge of up to 1. January 2020, to abolish. The Union to announce a complete abolition of the solos now though. But while the CDU had hidden in the Jamaica soundings with the FDP and Green behind the Figures, hiding now behind the SPD, said Lindner. It should be interesting to see how the Union is implementing this now.

Green-chief Robert Habeck threw Lindner, in view of the high tax and contribution burden of citizens, nor is it a guarantee of income in the amount of 30 billion Euro plan to saddle. “This is an impoverishment program and a program to strangulation of private investment.” The unconditional “Guarantee security” was “unjust and anti-social”, because solidarity implies neediness. And that would take you, would have to quickly return to self-responsibility.

Lindner grip Friedrich Merz’ Slogan of the “Agenda for the Industrious”, which he presented in several points. For example, the upper earnings limit for mini-jobs to more dynamic and the retirement age more flexible. No one should work more for less, said Lindner.

Also in the direction of the SPD Lindner divided: On the planned tax cuts in the Ministry of Finance for the case of a downturn, Lindner said, he wondered, why wait for a recession, instead of preventing it.


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