1. Kovac has a good Plan

Bayern Munich’s coach Niko Kovac has in the first half of the season some critics, before he moved from his 4-1-4-1 to a 4-2-3-1. Bavaria is become on the Defensive more stable, only a few chances to score. Only the goals didn’t work out perfectly.

Against TSG Hoffenheim, Bayern played but just the offensive part of respectable football. Leon Goretzka poked from the ten position in the top, as well as Thomas Müller, the rochierte of right in the middle.

hope’s home, three chain saw this many direct duels suspended, Bayern striker had, however, space in the penalty area to TSG. As at 1:0 Robert Lewandowski at the sharp Oliver Baumann failed marriage Goretzka to the leadership of met (34. Minute).

the second goal Goretzka scored, after a strongly played out to counter-attack. Bayern seemed to be on the best way to lay the Foundation for a race to catch up to Borussia Dortmund in the second round.

2. A good Plan is not enough

hope home coach Julian nail man watched the course of the first half – and went into the half time break the right conclusions. The insecure Central defender Kevin Vogt, he pushed ahead into the midfield, behind a back four acted henceforth.


The Munich-based access to the defense chain was accordingly. Rather, Hoffenheim was also offensive is becoming stronger. Nail man went one step further, changed the heart of his game, the midfield centre, almost completely. In Dennis Geiger and Florian Grillitsch game strong actors should ensure a controlled build up – and succeeded.

Leon Goretzka (number 18)

Kovac insisted on his tactics, even after the connection hit by Nico Schulz (59.) he waited with human renovation. Only a quarter of an hour before the end, he brought in James Rodriguez and a tactical change, back to Kovac’s 4-1-4-1.

But also led to the Bayern game not to more stability. Only Manuel Neuer saved Bayern in front of the balance, as he held a Header from Ádám Szalai outstanding. Lewandowski 3:1 after being played in by James and Thomas Müller decided the game, but couldn’t let on defects.

3. To 100. Time: Julian Nagel man

The match against Bayern Munich brand’s 100. Bundesliga game as a coach. And he showed why not too many on the side line of the TSG Hoffenheim consequences, why it will soon join the more ambitious residents of Leipzig.

Julian nail man (left) and Niko Kovac

His team started bravely in the match, was then played by the German master, increasingly, in their own half. Also, the structure was not possible as it had a nail man allegedly presented.

Good coach but the fact that you can respond to grievances during the game. Nail man did this, he changed his defence, in the midfield changed and so the almost certainly believed the Bavarian away win but still vulnerable.

nail man is a good Coach, not a coach more talent. RB Leipzig, the club to which he move in the summer, is a financially strong club with a superb infrastructure, a lot of young and promising players will be under contract with nail man RB to also get a pretty good Trainer.

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