1. The heroes are tired

In the 16th century. Game of the season, BVB suffered their first defeat in the Bundesliga. The is no Drama and easy to explain. Overall, the Dortmund’s 24 obligation to have completed games and their ninth English week. The short regeneration time is taking its toll. The Team has lost a game, makes the hitherto almost supernatural occurring in gallery, only human.

That physical exhaustion has played 1:2 against Düsseldorf a major role, was in a scene shortly after the beginning of the second half. It was one of the few moments in which the Fortuna moves relatively up and defensive short unsorted. Dortmund switched quickly, Marco Reus drove the Ball in the direction of düsseldorf’s penalty area.


In similar situations were in the previous season over the course of five or even six of their players on the ball and ensured a Majority in the opposing half. So Dortmund to a series of dangerous trades, and the gates that led to the twelve victories won. Against Fortuna Reus was made in the said scene but alone and was separated from four back geeilten against players from the Ball. The düsseldorf, who have six games less in the legs, have had this evening in the crucial scenes are simply fresher and harder running.

2. The BVB must be made in the winter break in terms of personnel add

What the defeat also demonstrates that Some players can’t replace the BVB at the Moment equivalent. Without the outstanding skills of Jadon Sancho and the accuracy of Paco Alcácer (both were replaced after a hour; Alcácer scored the first goal) is the Dortmund Offensive only half of the value.

Even more striking is the Situation in the Defensive, where the Lack of Achraf Hakimi made a significant impact. In the past three games Hakimi had most of the ball actions, made the left rear side of the seal and headed to the front of many dangerous situations. His replacement, Marcel Schmelzer was able to offensively put no accents, and an uncertainty was on the defensive because of his lack of pace factor.

Marcel Schmelzer (R) ran against Matthias Zimmermann and the other in düsseldorf, and often afterwards.

in addition to Hakimi and the already injured Dan-Axel Zagadou also Manuel Akanji, another defender was on the break, with adductor problems. You should not be missing in the long term, it could be for Borussia Dortmund in the knockout of the Champions League and the crucial season phase of the Bundesliga to the Problem Play.

Additional options for the Defensive are therefore necessary. In the ideal case, the club finds a flexible, fast defender who is both in the center as well as on the outside can be used. But: players who have sufficient quality to the BVB immediately to help, in the winter break hard and get even harder.

3. Dortmund is a simple means to beat

“We will not run in a game against the counter-strongest team of the League, and certainly blind to the front,” said Friedhelm Funkel prior to the game. The düsseldorf-based put, what had given her coach, and played yet brave. From a compact, deep Defensive Fortuna was trying to achieve a controlled build-up play.

it was Only in the final minutes, saw the uncontrolled blows of the riser. Previously, the düsseldorf were also under pressure your opponent, until you have sent at some point with a vertical Pass, the quick Dodi Lukebakio steep. Funkels approach: counter-attacking team like Dortmund deep need in the game to make the field quickly bridge. The opposing team is far in the own half and makes the quick BVB strikers, no spaces, in the you can start that gets even the strong Borussia problems.

The truth is that the Fortuna had luck with weakening Dortmund. Offered to the guests, but the time counter situations, took advantage of this. With the opening goal of Lukebakio (22. Minute) and the wonder goal from Jean room (56.) Düsseldorf but above all a sign for upcoming opponents Borussia: Yes, It is possible to beat a tired BVB also with relatively simple means.

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