1. So great Gladbach first half of the season was so disappointing in the end

is gained 33 points from 17 matches, all eight home games: There is hardly a company that would not have accepted the balance of the season with a kiss. Actually, a 1:2 defeat against League leaders Borussia Dortmund should not tarnish such a balance.

Gladbach’s players after the game

It is less the result of the fault of the Gladbach, it is. The Gladbacher established defences in their own half, tied the knot hardly on the center circle. The sole striker Alassane Pléa remained in the opponent’s half. There, he was completely alone. Just three shots gave Gladbach, as few as no other Dortmund opponent this season.

All of this, what has brought Gladbach, neglected you, of all people in the top game. Courageous passes into the midfield? Ball and opponents run? After the ball win with a stunner in the interfaces fit? The millions of viewers who could see Gladbach for the first time in the Bundesliga this season live on public television, were not at all in the enjoyment of this Gladbach’s Strengths. This is a shame. It remains the feeling that on this evening, with a bolder alignment could have been better – against a BVB, the schwertat.

2. Gladbach is not a title candidate

Gladbach is a good Bundesliga team that excels both with tactical discipline and with a game with strong midfield. You both the flexibility as well as the psychological capacity to stay on top of to attack.

their away record proves impressively: Only two games on foreign court were able to win four times, you lost. You don’t trust yourself, your bold flat pass-in football and away to perform. As long as this remains so, is not Gladbach for the title fight.

Even for the goal of Champions League will be a performance increase will be in the back round is needed. Gladbach’s phenomenal record in the Borussia-Park is likely to get in the face of home games against Bayern Munich, Leipzig, Hoffenheim, and Dortmund cracks. Straight away you will need to increase, you want to compete in the coming season international.

3. Dortmund will get in the back round problems

Borussia Dortmund ploughed in the past four months by European football, celebrated impressive victories against Leipzig (4:1), München (3:2) and Atlético Madrid (4:0). Only: There is a But in Dortmund’s first half of the season, which came during the week in the defeat against Fortuna Düsseldorf to the fore.

Dortmund’s players cheer

Dortmund’s game, not to say Favre’s game, is designed for the rapid, collective switching in to win the ball. The Defensive wins the Ball, it takes only a few seconds before the final takes place on the other side of the field. With vertical passes in the deep of Dortmund super be sent Sprinter on the outdoor rinks and in the storm centre: Paco Alcácer, who needed in the Bundesliga-season pro goal, only 39 minutes, and Marco Reus, who has been spared from injury, a career high.

to defend, So easy to the Dortmund game forward, so easy it seemed in the last Play of Düsseldorf and Gladbach seems to be. The quick, vertical play in the depth of the Dortmund abuts against opponents to its limits, which are already low, almost not graduating, and so also in the case of ball loss little space for the counterattack. Three shots on goal against Düsseldorf, four against Gladbach. The League seems to have understood how to defend BVB, and in the winter break sure to not forget.

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