After the murder of an elderly couple in Thuringia arrest warrant against a suspect to have been adopted. According to police, the 56-Year-old was shown on Saturday afternoon at the local court of Nordhausen, a detention judge, the arrest warrant issued. The man had been arrested on Friday. He should have killed the couple, an 80-year-old woman and a 82-year-old man.

A Magistrate decided that he should be on Saturday transferred to prison, police said. Further Details about the motive of the man who did not want to call the investigator from the investigation tactical reasons.

The retired couple was a sacred evening of residents found in the Nordhausen dead. Neighbors had discovered the bodies. They were, according to police in the yard of her house, which was probably also the scene of the crime. Over the holidays, as determined by the police, it was a first but not a hot track.

motive for the crime is still unclear

On Friday evening, it was then that a 56-year-old suspect from Nordhausen “has been removed from the environment of the victim”. Accordingly, there was a DNA hit in the track evaluation.

The man had “confessed”, explained the police. However, the motive for the murder remained unclear. He should be on Saturday in a prison.

Yet on Tuesday night the bodies were examined. It was confirmed that the Couple came through massive violence claimed the lives of.


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