Mexico – protests against migrants In Tijuana, have demonstrated hundreds of residents against migrants seeking to enter the United States. Thousands of people are waiting to continue their journey, the shelters are overloaded. © Photo: Rodrigo Abd/picture alliance/AP Photo

In the Mexican city of Tijuana have protested at the weekend hundreds of people against the trek of thousands of people from Central America. “You want to stay here, they demand food and other things. But we don’t have the resources to do so. We offer what we have, but they always demand more,” said one of the protesters, the doctor, and Arturo Alba, during a rally. Many of the protesters who was in a wealthy area in the South of the city had gathered, waving Mexican flags, spoke of an “Invasion” from Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala and expressed concern that their tax money would be spent to serve the people.

The demonstrators group ran in front of the shelter in the sports complex Benito Juárez, where nearly 2,500 people are housed. Some of the violent demonstrators were also against the police.

Overall, more than 8,000 migrants in different groups on the way in the USA. Many Mexicans and Mexicans show their solidarity with them. In Tijuana, however, this is not the case: In the border city of many migrants have, in addition, many Mexicans and Central Americans to settle there, if they are deported from the United States.

In the coming days are expected to be in the city for 3,000 people from Central America. This could be accommodated in other sports facilities, said the Minister for social development of the state of Baja California, Alfonso Alvarez Juan. The mayor of Tijuana, Juan Manuel Gastélum, described the crowd as “avalanche in his city” that is ill-prepared. The migrants would stay for at least six months while you are waiting to apply for asylum. Gastélum has asked the Central government for help. According to the Ministry of the interior, food and Blankets will be flown in.

For almost a month, is the so-called caravan of the escape in the direction of the USA. The majority of the migrants want to apply for asylum. The tense mood in the Mexican border city of counter, swept on Sunday some of the streets around the sports complex and moved to the trash. “The Mexican people should know that we are Hondurans grateful,” said one of them at a gathering on the weekend. “Thank you, Mexico, for the food, thank you for the roof over your head, thank you for the clothes.”

The people from Central America fleeing poverty and violence in their home. Among other things, youth gangs such as the Maras protection extort money, they control entire neighborhoods and forcibly recruit young people. Honduras and El Salvador are among the most dangerous countries in the world.

US President, Donald Trump had said again and again that the people from these countries would not be left in the United States and almost 5,600 of soldiers to relocate to the border with Mexico. “Illegal immigrants who try to come to the USA and often proud of their national flags, pan, while you ask for in the United States for asylum, to be fixed or sent back,” wrote Trump on Twitter. “The US is not prepared for this Invasion and will not tolerate. You are responsible for crimes and cause big problems in Mexico. Go home,” he wrote.

provoked Some of the migrants were climbing on the border fence in Tijuana, and had the U.S. customs and border protection forces. Now the concern of the Residents is growing in the Region, the relations with the United States could worsen with the arrival of more and more people.

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