Til Schweiger in the “wayward” cinema release of the US Version of “honey in the head” his biggest career Flop. “That was the low point of my artistic creation,” said the 55-year-old actor and Director of the “image”-newspaper. The Alzheimer’s Drama “Head Full of Honey,” with Nick Nolte in the main role was torn apart a month ago, several US media – and after a few days in a few theaters again discontinued. Grossing: 12.350 dollars for a main stream movie the underground.

However, hardly anyone knew, apparently, in the United States of the existence of the film, because the manufacturing Warner Brothers Studio made hardly any advertising for it. After the review of the critic of the “Los Angeles Times” wrote: “No wonder that a Warner has hidden the Film until the last Minute before the criticism.” The Film was a “noisy, totally implausible tale, over-long mess, suffering from any amount of misguided creative decisions”.

In other renowned Newspapers Head Full of Honey can’t get away “” better. The “New York Times” writes: “looking at the bizarre plot and the high-pitched performances from the actors, the movie seems to be in a kitchen blender.”

scene from “Head Full of Honey”

And the “Observer” criticized in the Heading: “These Nick-Nolte-Comedy about Alzheimer’s is as funny as a root canal treatment without anaesthetic”, and continues: “A Film with a runtime of over two hours about how funny Alzheimer’s is, also requires by the most patient of viewers more than a misguided Director may require.”

The original version of “honey in the head” was after the cinema release in December 2014, a huge Hit, more than seven million viewers saw the Film. The remake starts in Germany on 21. March.

For the new year plans Schweiger, a new “crime scene” in Hamburg, which will probably be 2020 broadcast. Filming to start in March, the book writes Eoin Moore (“Polizeiruf 110”). The filmmaker relies on a new beginning. Especially the many Action scenes at the beginning had deterred in the past to follow a large number of spectators. Schweiger: “If we let it rip again, and then only at the end, if there’s no switching off.”


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