One hour before or one hour back? This question always arises, when it again "clock". But how is it actually with the time change? FOCUS Online advice.

control of the time change to winter time

For the winter time put the clocks back by one hour on the last Sunday in October from 3.00 PM to 2.00 am in the morning. Consequently, the hour between 2.00 PM and 3.00 PM twice. In 2018, this happens at 28. October.

the law on units in Metrology and the determination of the time

These rules have been laid down in a regulation from the year 2001, the summer time regulation. On the basis of the old law from 25. July 1978. It States that the Central European summer time for the "better utilization of day light and for alignment of time keeping with that of neighbouring States, by regulation, for a period between 1. March and the 31. October" will be introduced.

With the entry into force of the regulation, it was introduced to Central European summer time for an indefinite period of time.

I Need to change my clock at all?

If you are the owner of a radio-controlled clock, you need to take care of anything. The Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB) in Braunschweig, sends the current time signal to all radio clocks. The watches from Smartphones and PCs to make a rule on its own when this setting is enabled.

setting for Android smartphone: in the menu "settings" must "date & time", "Autom. Date/time" to be enabled settings for iPhone: in the menu "settings" under "General" and "date & time" set Option "Automatically" select

All of the analog clocks you set, even by Hand. dpa/Federico Gambarini In the night from 25. on the 26. March changed the clocks back to summer time – from 2.00 to 3.00 PM.

Merksprüche for the time change

you Should come up with the time change mixed up and not know when the watch before – and when you return, help you with the following maxims:

"spring forward, fall back" (English: jump to the front, back case: spring = spring, fall = autumn)In the spring, the garden furniture, back again in autumn to the house.The front of the year, will be presented the watch, in the back of the year, they are back.Always summer: In the spring of 1 hour before and in the autumn of 1 hour.Summer, Winter behindthe time it releases in the spring, brings back you in the fall.Time change is like everything in life. You always have to give something before you get something back.2-3-2-rule: In the spring, the time is set from 2 p.m. to 3 p.m., in the autumn of of 3 o’clock to 2 o’clock"time change works like the Thermometer" in the spring Plus in Winter, Minus dpa/Oliver Berg (archive) A wrist watch will be changed. Turkey is not, however, at the time of conversion. History

The Considerations, the time on the summer and winter time change, going back to the year 1973 – a residual effect from the time of the oil crisis. It was believed that one could use by using the time transition, the daylight in order to save energy.

for the First time was introduced the changeover in Germany in 1916. Shortly thereafter, the United Kingdom and Ireland followed. The English term "Daylight Saving Time" describes the purpose of this very aptly: The days of brightness in the best possible way to take advantage of.

abolition of the time change? The EU will be discussed

About the time change, 2018 will be the subject of much discussion. In mid-August, an EU-wide Online survey came to the result: 84 percent of the participants want the time of conversion will be abolished. The majority voted for the summer time.

On the 29. and 30. October the for the issue of relevant EU transport Ministers meet. According to one report, there are diplomats from some countries, objections to the proposal of the EU Commission.

The authorities in Brussels had proposed that from next year, the change between summer and winter time is abolished. The States should be able to decide for themselves whether they wanted to permanently have summer or winter time.

The EU member States and the European Parliament must agree to the plans, but a majority of, so that they can become a reality. In several main cities of the deliberations to run at the moment.

summer time, winter time – for what?

The discussion is not new. Since the introduction of the summer time is, however, discussed again and again on the usefulness of this scheme. The Federal office for the environment, for example, has found out that you would save during the summer time, while in the evening electric light, however, in the morning, more heat would – the energy consumption would rise even more.

energy saving tips from the Federal office for the environment

Even doctors consider the time change critical: As the time change, according to the "medical information", have a negative impact on the people. The body would would with the adjustment of the rhythm hard to do. Especially people who have sleep disorders or organic disease, would particularly suffer. Such as "medical information" reported, would have to wait for the conversion process up to 14 days. However, most of the people react is quite insensitive to the time change, so it is simply "overslept". dpa/Karl-Josef Hildenbrand/dpa, Particularly at night, muscle cramps can occur. Who makes before bedtime stretching exercises, can prevent this.

on the railway can result in the changeover also to problems. In the case of the changeover to the summer time, the trains usually ahead of the actual departure time on the trip to avoid delays. There is, however, that trains leave with an "official" delay. This can then be used but not possible to catch up.

The Problem for passengers is on the Hand: On the following day there is a significant connection problems, not only in the domestic market. Also for the roadmap of the neighboring countries – night trains trains are often remote – has the time change have an enormous impact. In the transition to the winter time, the train is usually at night, an hour in the train station, not to early at the destination station to arrive.

In the FOCUS Online/Wochit time change on Sunday: This is what you should do now, in order for you to sleep well red_seo_pxt

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