the temperatures are Even if at the moment during the day still late-summer warm, it cools down at night already sensitive. In higher altitudes, it comes already ground frost. So it’s high time to make your car winterized. The automobile club of Germany (AvD) has summarized useful tips on how motorists are well prepared and safe through the Winter.

1. With the right tyres safe through the Winter

At cold temperatures of winter tires due to their softer rubber compound and wider profile, a significant better adhesion than summer. The offers both on wet Leaves as well as on ice and snow, a safety advantage over summer tyres.

in Addition, a situational winter tires are mandatory in Germany. That is to say: Who in wintry road conditions with summer tires on the road, threaten the 60 Euro fine and a point in Flensburg. It comes about because of the unsuitable tyres to traffic delays, will be 80 euros. But not only the driver, a fine is Also the owner of the vehicle may be subject to a penalty of 75 Euro and a point in the traffic offenders register. It comes to an accident, the driver of the summer-tired cars with liability. In addition, a significant reduction in benefits, the insurance threatens.

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