Who likes the butterflies in your stomach, the feeling between fear and fun, you will love the runs. Those who want to feel the rush of the challenge that should control for these departures. At best, however, it would be, if also the physical and technical requirements did not fit, so the adventure ends up in the hospital.


The ten steepest slopes of the Alps are marked as “black”, as in the case of departures from a 40 percent slope is common – the equivalent of that would be an angle of 21.8 degrees. For an entry in this list still need.

Kitzbühel, Austria: The Streif

The Streif on the Hahnenkamm in Kitzbühel is probably the most well-known among the extreme slopes. The steep slopes with a maximum gradient of 85 percent in the “mouse” right after the Start be the case outside of the downhill race (in the next year from the 21. to 27. January) just as the so-called ski route is released. Piste riders can throw departure of the “stripe family”, which bypasses the classic key, after all, a look at it, so the more Cautious safely and without Stress to the valley to Kitzbühel.

This is even better, as only a few would cope with the steep passages, which turn out to be before and after the race, rather than a slanted skating rink, for sure. The Rest would make, within seconds after entering the track, a departure, and only much further down in the next flat piece.

Verbier, Switzerland: Mont Fort

In the piste plan, but not the steep slope, is rolled directly under the at 3330 meters altitude, lying of cable car mountain station on the Mont. From a distance, the huge hump in the snow flank to the non – drive recently because of large height – tedious, but in the case of a fall as a welcome brake blocks are used. With an average gradient of 77 percent (at its peak, about 80 per cent) is the Mont-Fort is clearly a skier highlight of the Switzerland.

Mayrhofen, Austria: Harakiri

the Name is a tip: The Harakiri is Austria’s steepest Piste. It leads directly under a chairlift down to the valley. The audience is guaranteed – and, in any case, if it comes after a fall only to the valley station back on its feet.

there have Long been to the steep downhill with a maximum slope of 78 percent on the website of the Mayrhofen mountain Railways a Community, to make his Statement. And who wants to demonstrate his courage at home, you can even buy it at all ticket offices of your own Hara-Kiri merchandise. So steep is the Hara-Kiri may be the opposite Direttissima in addition to the Cirque or österreichische schneekar rail is also a nice challenge.

Trois Vallées, France: Saulire

The 2740-metre-high Saulire is for a ski mountain a hell of a rocky copy. Both the Courchevel, look to the Eastern flank as well as the West side of the trough above Méribel by numerous narrow and steep.

A site, the usually free-riders is reserved, but on both sides there’s a Couloir, the runway status: the Grand Couloir down to the Nobelort Courchevel and the GoPro Couloir below the Méribel up next gondola and Saulire Express, therefore, a beautiful front-row seat to the Goings-on from the ambition-driven helmet camera makers to watch. You don’t have to make a Video from Success and Failure. The latter happens in the face of almost 80 per cent gap on a regular basis.

Portes du Soleil, Switzerland: Le Mur Suisse

in the Middle of the mega ski area of Les Portes du Soleil is a steep slope of superlatives. Le Mur Suisse Swiss wall, is called the non-groomed Mogul piste of Le Pas de Chavanette. Up to 76 percent slope provides the white wall in Champery; a test of courage for Cracks, lose in the maze depending on the snow conditions, up to two-Meter-high hump quickly once the orientation.

Alta Pusteria, Italy: the wood giant

A challenge for the thighs, the deep black run “Raut” in the ski area of Helm, without the detours of the case, and following a line below the gondola lift to the top four chess.

And the Alta Pusteria valley offers even more. Because under the rock of the almost 3000 Meter high mount top walls, the ideal slopes of rotwand hide meadows. On which beginners can feel comfortable, while the professionals take the rapid valley wood giant among the boards, which has been upgraded since some of the winters by a new start-up slope, up 71 percent of the gap (wood giant I).

Montafon, Austria: Diabolo departure

Actually, the Montafon for family-friendly slopes. However, even the most advanced skiers. So, just a few meters from the mountain station of the valisera Bahn is situated in the vast ski area of Silvretta Nova, the entrance to the Abhenkina: a very steep Downhill, where anyone icy conditions. Even more sporty, it is at the neighboring Golm. The Diabolo departure at the Grüneck trumps right at the beginning with a fast-paced start-up slope (up to 70 percent slope), but relatively flat.

Obertauern, Austria: Gamsleiten 2

Almost legendary Gamsleiten 2, the reaches in the lower section, a good 70 percent gradient. Although she has lost already some of their terror, once with humps studded steep downhill is prepared, but in hard snow or bad edges, you cannot teach today the Fear. And if this challenge is not enough, for there are in addition to the runway strip is still plenty of terrifying hump.

Lech, Austria: Long train

this is where the Rich and Beautiful – and the real experts will meet under the skiers. The deep snow possibilities on the Arlberg is legendary, and even the ski slopes with real challenges. Here there is a real Double Black-Diamond trails and ski routes that are so steep that the top returns on the loved one.

a Prime example is the Long train under the Rüfikopf, a ski route, which is rolled normally and the rumor is circulating that it was the steepest groomed Piste in the world. The springs but rather the level of ambition, the one the Arlberg in General. Actually, the departure is not quite up to the 70 percent mark. Damn steep it is anyway.

Madonna di Campiglio, Italy: Spinale Direttissima

The fashionable ski resort at the foot of the Brenta is famous for its great setting and its sunlight to enjoy the slopes, known to be flooded, but also ambitious skiers have right here. At the forefront of the Spinale Direttissima, the results from the Monte Spinale in the increasing slope at the outskirts of the Madonna. The culmination of the long final slope with a 70 percent slope, the bears in honor of the formula 1 world champion Michael Schumacher, the name “Schumacher Streif”.

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