Some call the time from Christmas to new year “between the years”. This sounds a bit strange, but it describes quite well the spirit of this time, kind of in between. Also in financial issues: on the one Hand, there is the ums the end of the year, many of the deadlines, because something comes to an end. On the other hand, a lot of money is spent, as what goes right.

Or, in other words: Christmas and new year’s is shopped, what holds the stuff. And at the same time, a few days can actually be very profitable – with a little bit of strategy.

that’s Why I’ve compiled Below a few tips for Last Minute Christmas shopping and as gifts under certain circumstances a tax deduction can make. Followed by a couple of deadlines for donations, exemption orders, capital-forming benefits, old money claims, compensation for delayed flights or manipulated Diesel. All the things to which they should be shortly before the new year, think again.

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But let’s start with Christmas:

For a lot of things now is not enough money there. Gifts of money total are en vogue since several years. Especially children and young people get money as a gift. In the last year, nearly 60 percent of adults who considered children and young people have given them money. Teenagers of all experience, a very own head, when it comes to technology or fashion. Which is not to say that you would for tips inaccessible. Suitable, for example, the note to send, could, worked his phones. Many dealers offer exchange commodity , and young Used very much cheaper. 25% price savings on average. And in the case of the specialized dealers a year part warranty. The iPhone7 would be new in the Apple Store have been 230 euros more expensive than the specialized dealer. A second source of money: Self-exchange. Gifts that were not liked and purchased online can be returned easily. Already legally online and a withdrawal period of two weeks of purchases. In the Christmas season, the period of many of the dealers is extended in the extension of the legal framework, however, and the dealers can make extra requirements such as: undamaged original packaging.

is Easy to convert, at the end of the process it returns the money. You don’t be cautious. Your friends and relatives it is more, if you buy with the proceeds of the returned Presence of something, what you really need, instead of getting angry for years about the dust collector on the shelf.

With the gift of money you can save in addition to control . This year you can buy for the first time, professionally, required Smartphones, desktops, and other means of up to 800 Euro net of 952 euros including VAT, and the full amount in 2018 a write-off. Depending on the tax rate after the tax return for 2018, a tax refund up to approximately 400 Euro. Or you can use the received a gift professionally and can deduct the advertising costs from the tax . I also did not know that. Used to be, I often find myself the new leather Work briefcase from the Partner. Today, perhaps more the Laptop or the Smartphone. The things you get as a gift, the tax is completely fine if you use the gift really Work. The gift may even be quite expensive, if the Budget of the giver, this allows the filler for a few hundred Euro or the piano for the music teacher. A bit inelegant, however, you should have the receipt from the giver, so that you have a receipt in case the IRS asks. If the country with the terrible political summer should you have or repolitisiert politicized: here, Too, there is the end of the year the Chance to pay money to the account of the Association or the party of their choice. Up to 20 percent of your income should you donate and as a special expenditure to settle. In the case of parties, special rules apply, up to 3300 Euro donation per Person per year. If you are still looking, what club or which charitable organization you want to donate money, helps the database of the German Central Institute for social questions (DZI), including a very regular integrity checks. The Check helps you to check the club, you already have taken. But even if you say you want to donate this year, aimed at a club, the youth work makes. Best now instant Deposit. In the past year, my donations have come too late – until the beginning of January from the account flown down and relieve hopefully now my tax burden in 2018. Banks work between the years of slower.

And then, you remember, on the two business days between the years to do not miss any deadlines. Promotion, you can still save tax, you can avoid, and claims, you should definitely claim it.

deadlines for own money:

The employee savings allowance and housing bonus apply for. Who saves with capital spending by the chief and not worthy of much, is funded by the state. But not automatically, the promotion you must apply for. Instructions can be found here. You will find that you can there has been more interest income and profits with your fixed Deposit accounts and securities accounts. You can move the Debits so that no or as little as possible withholding taxes this year are due.

deadlines for money and other benefits due to you still

The most prominent case. You have, or had, one of the scandal-Diesel from the VW group – with Motor EA189 (VW, Skoda, Seat, Audi). Then, you can join without cost risk, the pattern of action brought by the VZBV against the VW group, and a subsequent compensation of hope. You need to connect but in December the suit, otherwise it could become time-barred their claims. 200,000 of the more than two million customers have already complained in one way or another. Compensation for delayed flights. By the end of 2018, you could in theory make even more compensation for delayed flights from the 2015 claim. A delayed flight to the Canary Islands, Egypt or Thailand can be 600 Euro value. Normally they will not bring the suit, but on the way. You can concentrate on 2016. If you have the document that you are flown, still remember the Anger remember about the delay, but the Details are no longer present – no Problem. Passenger helpers portals lead databases on the delayed and failed flights, which entitle to compensation. Let the service provider the Details. This also applies for all other claims you may have against company or against an Ex-landlord, the full amount of the Deposit is still owed. If you still have money or power are entitled to, you must frequently up to 31. December demand. Otherwise you are barred. The fastest way to get a court order for payment procedure is. The forms are now on the net. Those who do not feel so sure of that, – if’s also a lawyer who does this for clients a lot of money – between the years for sure. Finally, a note to all the people who have worked a lot this year, joy at work, but also have noticed that a little Inspiration would be good. You can use your entitlement to educational leave from 2018 to 2019 to take. You have to explain to the boss, but expressly (BAG 9 AZR 126/89 and 9 AZR 815/07). A two-liner for the boss is enough.

Merry Christmas, from the whole Finanztip Team!

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