The cover Letter plays in addition to the resume an important role in order to convince a company of. Therefore, it should be formulated individually for each body and your personality, and your skills show. As it is, ultimately depends on what you are applying for.

in Order to convince with your application a cover letter, give Staff psychologist Vera Hagemann and career coach Martina Maushake, here are some tips, which you can points.

Before you get started with the application, answer the following questions honestly:

Where do I apply? I fit in the industry? Can I bring my own values with the industry, the company and the job in line? Why did I feel like exactly this Job?

Later, you can provide your interests based on the respective answers.

As you prepare your cover Letter in front of

read the job ad very carefully: What type of employee are they looking for? Which requirements can and which you must meet for the job? At best, you make stitch points. Maybe you should print the invitation to tender and hook the points that apply to you.

What personal care

recruiters want from your cover Letter whether you fit in the industry, whether they would feel comfortable in the company and whether you have identified the essential aspects of the company.

The four most important tips for cover Letters that convince

1. Matching with tender , and match your details with a view to the advertised position: What is the most relevant?

2. No phrases : authentic instead of with phrases. The cover Letter will draw the attention to your Person and the Rest of the application.

3. No error : Overall, the application errors need to be free. Have several people proof-read, familiar with spelling, grammar and punctuation good – and in the best case with applications.

4. Attractive Layout : Choose a modern Design, suitable for business, and stand out from the Standard. Overall, everything should fit together: the Format and Design to produce according to career coach Martina Maushake “a product from a single cast”.

How to write a cover Letter should look like formally?

According to career coach Martina Maushake the Letter should not be longer than one page . “If the Text fits to the point and well written, way to read the time one and a half pages quickly,” says Staff psychologist Vera Hagemann.

On the mostly one-sided cover Letter located at the top of the address company . Note in addition to the receiver further formalities such as: – application XY, ID, and, where applicable, the Link to the job application.

Create links , in order to achieve a logical structure: What thematically fits? Paragraphs divide your Text and lead the reader’s eye.

At the end of the letter indicate the date and place, and Below should be your signature – scanned in are best, advises Maushake.

Recommended sequence

“The Right needs to the right place,” says Martina Maushake. It recommends in the Text of the following thematic arrangement:

1. Entry

bored Classic. Start writing with a thematic entry point to instead of how you have become the point of attention: Why you have interest in the industry? “From the classic Entrances, I advise,” says Hagemann. Because the have read, personal after all, even a hundred times. “With an interesting introduction, you make me curious for more,” confirms Maushake. Also, you could make the entry a question that is suitable. For example, to something that is represented on the company’s website.

2. Motivation

Make a note of the questions deliberately, in order to find convincing formulations: What excites you, what motivates you in the job and the company? What are the values you carry? A value can be, for example, sustainability.

Show that you have understood what is going on in the body. Explain your Motivation: What do you find exciting? What are the problems you want to solve? Which approaches do you know? What are the formal requirements, tasks, and challenges you want to face?

3. Suitability, experience, qualifications and achievements

they Highlight their Suitability and successes with regards to the place and on the basis of concrete examples. You make reference to your current place – and not too General, and at the same time without the non-relevant Details. You mention your studies, your training and/or part-time jobs. What plays a role, come on in, the Rest ends up in the resume. What relevant achievements can you look?

4. Personal Strengths and work style

you Make an impression with your Strengths: What makes you different from others? A statement that describes the style of work, you can also mix well with your personal Strengths. The combination could be: “My colleagues appreciate me I am a reliable contact person, and in hectic situations the Overview of the keep.”

5. salary and/or entry date (if required)

If the start date or salary are asked, be sure to specify. Your salary expectations can you name in one salary range (Range), or with a specific number. Usually your idea is in demand from the annual salary, gross.

6. closing formula and signature

At the end: write, that you are glad to be invited, according to Hagemann “okay”. You can prompt the reader to get in touch with any questions and for more information. Your final formula may include the desire to feedback and the desire to be invited to an interview. Do not forget your signature.


address to The right contact person: The contact person is very important, but not to make, for example, in the case of unsolicited application, which is often so easy to spot. You can send your application in case of doubt, the head of the personnel Department. The right address choose: pay Attention to the right approach: Is the person a woman or a man? With names like Michele or Kim, you should have a look at the best of times. And take note of titles like Prof. and Dr. cover Letter to align to the location: Write the Text as a whole in relevance to the location, select your content appropriately. From the information given by the HR Manager takes, whether you are well informed and have researched.


especially when you have to show for it much have, you need to weigh the content in relevance to the advertised position: What can you omit? Avoid loveless bullets in the cover Letter.

When you apply by Mail , add the cover Letter as a file. Copy the cover Letter into the text box.

Sam Yoon has many years of experiences in journalism. He has covered such areas as information technology, science, sports and politics. Yoon can be reached at 82-2-6956-6698.