It was tight, like him, says Kevin De Bruyne, gold giant headphones around the neck. And he did not mean that the urge to full Close in the interview zones in the stadiums of the Premier League, but the race to the championship in England. In the end, says the Belgian Star of Manchester City, but that’s exactly why: in order to voltage and Competition.

When he sees this is actually so, then the past season is likely to have little pleasure. The fight for the title in England was distinguished primarily by the fact that there was no. Manchester City was practically in before Christmas, as his master, and had the final 19 points of advantage on the tired chasers Manchester United.

In the current season, it goes to the top more exciting. Liverpool FC is on the front, a bit surprisingly, and with five points ahead of Manchester City. Despite the surprising defeat on Tuesday at Newcastle United, the title holder is determined, as before, to be a stubborn pursuer. The including of 2:1 has shown success to the start of the year against Liverpool. And also Liverpool showed last weaknesses. Is decided in this title fight yet.

A change from the Bundesliga to date

For me, as an observer from Germany is such a master race, a nice change of pace. In the home, the only question is how many points ahead of FC Bayern would be when to make the title perfect in the recent past, Yes. I remember, for example, how do I, as Rapporteur, in the German football North two years ago, was able to report that the Munich on 31. Round by a 6:0 VfL Wolfsburg champion and about as boisterous rejoiced as over a new contract for alcohol-free white beer advertising. For me, it was when Writing my article about it in a similar way. It makes little fun to write about an expectable, Self-evident and correct.

this season, a lot is different – in the Bundesliga, where evidence suggests that Borussia Dortmund will break the dominance of FC Bayern, and in England where Liverpool, the first championship in the opposite prevails for almost 30 years. Jürgen Klopp’s former and his present club that connects you more as a symbol for the somehow more genuine, passionate and down-to-earth football compared to their opponents from Munich and Manchester. But is that really so? Well, Yes.

you should not Overdo it with the romance, at least in Liverpool’s case. The club is also well on course, because he has spent during the past year, a record sum for a defender (and Virgil Van Dijk; transfer fee: EUR 78.8 million) and then a record sum for a goalkeeper (Alisson; release: 62.5 million Euro). Liverpool’s claim to the title follows the logic of professional football. And it follows, in particular, the logic of the Premier League. This logic is as follows: power has its price.

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