A Whistleblower disclosure platform Football Leaks, Rui Pedro Gonçalves Pinto, is under house arrest and must wear an electronic ankle bracelet. This was decided by a judge on Friday, two days after Pinto’s arrest in Budapest. Portuguese authorities seek extradition Pintos and have filed an appeal against the decision.

From a European arrest warrant by the Portuguese General office of the attorney General the day before the access has been placed, the allegations against the 30-Year-old. He is accused of “cyber crime”, “wrong provides regular access” to confidential documents and is accused, moreover, of “attempted extortion”. What evidence the accusations are based on, it is not apparent from the warrant.

Pinto’s French lawyer, William Bourdon rejects, in particular, the accusation of attempted extortion against his client “very strongly”. Pintos Hungarian defender David Deak, jointly with the Portuguese at the hearing on the spot, said: “We will defend ourselves against these accusations with all means.”

Bourdon said the French news Agency AFP, the Pinto had stood up to his arrest in contact with French investigators. Two other sources confirmed this to the MIRROR, and the research network of the European Investigative Collaboration (EIC). Accordingly, the authority for economic crimes, Parquet National Financier had opened, after the first Football-Leaks-revelations in December 2016, the investigation proceedings on suspicion of tax evasion against football players in France. This is resulting in the exchange of information between French investigators and the Whistleblower was apparently. The authority in Paris is not expressed at the request of the EIC. Bourdon said that he had informed the Budapest judge about the contact of his client to the investigators.

From the point of view of Pintos lawyer Deak got the case because of this exchange of information with a unique characteristic and should therefore be considered with special care: “A Whistleblower working with other European authorities and lives here, is for the Hungarian justice system. A delivery is not going to happen under these circumstances.” Whistleblowers enjoy in Europe special legal protection.

Also to the cooperation with Swiss law enforcement authorities Pinto had explained, according to his lawyer ready. It is a procedure against a Prosecutor from the Canton of Valais, is a friend of the President of Fifa, Gianni Infantino, and under investigation on suspicion of taking advantage in the office. This case had been by the publications of the LEVEL and of the EIC in the previous November, based on documents of Football Leaks. The investigating Prosecutor was not to be achieved by the EIC for comment.

The suspicions from the eleven page arrest warrant against Pinto be a result of all from the fall of 2015, as a the Website “Football Leaks” went online for the first time, and numerous documents from the Innermost of the football industry published.

Since 2016, the MIRROR was given access to millions of documents from the Football Leaks that he evaluated the research network EIC. Some of the revelations resulted in the identification procedures and processes. The defendants paid part of millions to the tax authorities and accepted suspended sentences. The most prominent case in point concerns the five-times world footballer Cristiano Ronaldo had just under 150 million euros on Offshore-company flow, and tax evasion admitted. Ronaldo is currently in Las Vegas. He is said to have raped, as the allegation, in 2009, the American Kathryn Mayorga. Ronaldo denies it. Also in this case, the MIRROR has revealed on the Basis of the Football-Leaks-data.

Pinto’s lawyer William Bourdon, Edward Snowden defended, already referred to its Portuguese clients as a “very large European Whistleblower”. Pintos drive to have consisted in “criminal activities in the world of football to uncover”. The MIRROR and the EIC do not comment for reasons of the protection of whistle-blowers, in principle, to the identity of possible sources.

meanwhile, the American has said-French Foundation “The signal Network,” the imprisoned Pinto their financial and logistical support. The aim of this Foundation is to grant whistleblowers help, which would have contributed to a “significant failure” to uncover behavior, said in a statement.

The Paris lawyer William Bourdon, who sits on the Board of Directors of the Foundation-The signal has already represented well-known Whistleblower with success. The condemnation of one of his clients has been repealed in the previous year by a Luxembourg court of appeal: The Frenchman Antoine Deltour had uncovered on the basis of internal documents, that the auditing firm PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) and the Luxembourg tax authorities had helped international companies extremely low tax rates. As a result of the revelations, which were published under the name of “LuxLeaks”, announced the European Commission’s action against tax avoidance schemes.

Deltour had initially been due to documents theft to probation and fined. In an appeal from the PwC employee has been awarded, however, a special protection as a Whistleblower.

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