The Federal government wants to approve the UN-Pact on Migration in December. The Pact aims to set uniform Standards for immigration, it is not a question of the right of asylum. Although the Text of the commitments is speaking, the Pact is not legally binding. Several States, including Austria, Australia, Poland, Canada and Hungary, to reject him nevertheless. The AfD even warns that the Pact trimming Germany’s sovereignty. Roderich Kiesewetter, CDU foreign policy expert of the Union faction in the Bundestag.

TIME ONLINE: Mr. Kiesewetter, Jens Spahn, a candidate for the CDU presidency, wants to leave the contentious issue for the UN migration Pact-base to discuss democratically, yet again, on the CDU party Congress, before the Federal government approves the Pact in December. How can you find that?

Roderich Kiesewetter: I see no reason for a backward roll. We can’t confirm the Narrative of the AfD. If anything, I see the party more as an opportunity to inform the delegates a comprehensive and clarified, but the crucial is that we make later a good specialist forces of the immigration act. Union and SPD to bring a resolution in the Bundestag, defended the Pact with good arguments.

Roderich Kiesewetter

sitting for the CDU since 2009 in the German Bundestag and is a member of the Committee for Foreign Affairs. The Colonel a. D. was a General staff officer in the German army and head of office in the headquarters of Nato in Brussels and Mons. By 2016, he was President of the reservist Association.

TIME ONLINE: The national Congress, in Saxony-Anhalt has rejected the Pact. And Spahn wants to not only inform, he wants to discuss. Can flip the in the CDU?

gravel weather: I do not think that the discussion is again fully open so as to prevent an under-drawing probably. Then Germany would be international to the brake. I am a determined supporter of the Covenant. I have discussed in my constituency with the citizens, and the reservations cleared. In Saxony-Anhalt, in my estimation is missing, according to the enlightenment of the members. The national Association of failed leadership there.

TIME ONLINE: The discussion gained momentum, when everything was already decided. Should have clarified, the Federal government earlier about the Pact?

gravel weather: It could have been much earlier, more intense and public discussion. I agree with Jens Spahn is absolutely right. It would have to tackle the Federal government is clearly on the offensive. Now, as to whether a party could stop the Pact is wrong. He is negotiated. It’s not necessary to talk any opponents to the mouth and to let yourself go. I hope for a tail wind from the CDU to the Federal government.

Zeit ONLINE: What do you say to those who fear that Germany was committed by the Pact to be strong?

gravel weather: The Pact is not aimed mainly to Europe. The Standards for Migration in Germany, Porsche level, the coalition government is working on a specialist force of the immigration act. It is a question of defining, for States in Africa or the Arab region, minimum standards for immigration. Even the Gulf States are to sign the migration Pact, there are a million almost right-less migrant workers on the go.

TIME ONLINE: In the Pact, it is about access to visas should be facilitated. This does not mean more Migration?

gravel-weather: no. Easier access means, formal hurdles, and bureaucracy. It does not necessarily mean that more people will come. This depends exclusively on the criteria, the Germany also in the future, self-defined. We want to become a qualified skilled immigrants or temporary Migration – people who come legally to Europe, here, and then go back or is a citizen.

TIME ONLINE: from the point of view of the citizen, a Pact, the obligations of the government but as a non-binding will be dismissed?

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gravel weather: It is wrong to argue that we are doing something that is not legally binding. The value of the Pact is that we will bring for the first time, countries of origin of migrants and transit countries together, on the migrants to reflect on and to raise awareness. The Pact is the easiest way to reach to the level of the United Nations something. In a second step, individual States may conclude bilateral further agreements on Migration.

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