anti-Semitic chants of the travelling Fans were taken care of after the Europa League game of Chelsea at the Hungarian club FC Vidi for attention. Now it has been known that some of the groups were also in Budapest self-evident. According to Reports the British newspaper “the Guardian” you should have a Banner in front of a Bar posing, to see the Skull and crossbones Symbol of the SS. The images were shared on social media.

At the same time, it should be a 40-person group with the name “Chelsea Headhunters”, and since the sixties, and in the high phase of the hooliganism during the Seventies and Eighties has made a name. According to the “Guardian” to maintain close Connections to various right-wing organizations.

The group should independently be Hungary and not in the stadium have been traveled. The Chelsea is said to have data on all the Fans that attended the game. The club is also assumed that the flag had made it into the stadium and there was shown.

The Banner itself is a modification of the Northern Irish flag. To your Slogans of the England in addition to the SS-Skull-to see the faithful loyalists and references to the Glaswegian football club Rangers.

Uefa has already determined due to the anti-Semitic chants in the stadium during the game. Even after the complaints of the Manchester-City-striker Raheem Sterling, he had been called on the weekend before, at Stamford Bridge, the stadium of FC Chelsea, from the stands, racist, were the police been investigated.

The Chelsea FC published under the week a statement in which he condemned any racist or anti Semitic behaviour, and with the stadium lock, and other punitive measures threatened. Also Coach Maurizio Sarri has condemned the incidents of sharp. Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich, himself a Jew, had started in January, a campaign should inform about the topic of anti-Semitism in football.


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